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fund management

This course introduces the key principles and processes involved in the fund management industry - focusing on the dynamics of long only fund management. It explores how fund managers make money and how banks can assist in this endeavour. It reviews the main clients of the fund management industry and the ever evolving myriad of products and solutions offered and the needs that they serve. The course includes a simulation where participants are given the opportunity to run a competitive fund over four quarters, and have their performance measured in absolute and relative terms.Read More]

Equity markets

Equities have always been a major investment asset. This course explores the range of equity products that trade in the market including shares, ADRs, warrants and convertibles. Participants learn how the stock exchange operates and the different types of trading systems that are available.

Participants will also cover the fundamentals of stock analysis. They discover how an analyst will assess an industry, read and interpret financial and stock market ratios and turn their forecasts into a share price target.

We are also happy to tailor the course to the methodology... [Read More]

Exchange traded derivatives

This course takes a deeper look at exchange traded derivatives spending time concentrating on futures and options. Managing risk is a major part of the fund management world and measures are taken to reduce, control or eliminate it. By understanding the exchange traded products in more detail it is possible to see how and why fund managers are using derivatives to gain fast and efficient access to markets, mobilise cash flows and also reduce or manage their risk.

Depending on particular client needs, this course typically explores:

How exchange traded products dif... [Read More]

Fixed income markets

This course covers the key fixed income markets and products, and provides a good grounding in the basics of bond mathematics. Participants look at the major government markets and investigate the factors that have been driving the yield curve over the current economic cycle. They learn how to price basic securities and will gain a solid and practical understanding of duration, DV01 and hedging. Participants also spend some time looking at the corporate credit market, credit spreads and the rating agencies.

Depending on particular client needs, this course typically explore... [Read More]

Over-The-Counter derivatives

Over-The-Counter transactions are prominent in every type of market, but there is one major risk that these transactions all have - counterparty risk! When you make a deal with another party, there is always the possible risk that they could become unable to fulfil their side of the deal, or worse still, go bankrupt. Therefore, understanding how this risk is measured in the financial markets, identifying what can be done to reduce the counterparty risk, and appreciating which products carry such risk are three areas of key importance? This course covers all three of these areas by... [Read More]

Equity derivatives for fund management

This course ensures that participants are comfortable interpreting the key Bloomberg option description and valuation screens. Much of the course is spent discussing common trading positions and how the Greeks are used to summarise the dynamics of those positions. By the end of the course participants will gain an intuitive feel for Delta, Gamma, Theta and Vega and the interrelationships between each and how these change over the life of a trade.

Depending on particular client needs, this course typically explores:

The information provided by Bloomberg for futures... [Read More]

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