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Microcurrent Therapy Training About the school

San Rafael, CA, United States

Microcurrent Case Studies (Certificate)

The following case studies include Achilles tendinitis, pain following ACL surgery, tennis elbow, ankle sprain, scapula strain, broken bone, lower back pain, sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome and whiplash.

Electroacupuncture, Tens and Microcurrent (Certificate)

Learn how to correctly use these devices in your clinical practice. The course simply and clearly clarifies for each device its specific applications, benefits, contraindications, electrode placement, guidelines, conditions treated, duration of treatment, and frequencies to achieve the fastest and best results.

Microcurrent Body Sculpturing (Certificate)

This course with 21 body sculpturing diagrams introduces microcurrent techniques to improve skin texture and muscle tone. Microcurrent and EMS (Electro Muscle Stimulation) devices affect tissue differently. EMS devices passively exercises muscle by stimulating motor nerves causing muscle contractions. Microcurrent benefits the skin and indirectly affects muscle through nerve stimulation improving muscle function and balance. Microcurrent does not cause a muscle contraction and does not build muscle.

Microcurrent Fundamentals for Pain & Injury (Certificate)

Clear and easy to read distance (home study)course topics include microcurrent research, contraindications and cautions, patient response to treatment, suggested treatment strategies, suggested treatment settings, probe and pad placement techniques, auricular treatment, treating the body (neck, shoulder, wrist, hip, knee), treating frozen shoulder, treating foot problems, microcurrent and movement and more! Microcurrent is painless, non-invasive, reduces inflammation, desirable for sensitive and needle phobic patients and is effective by itself, or with acupuncture.

Microcurrent for Facial Rejuvenation (Certificate)

This course designed for skin care professionals and health care professionals with DVD, Handbook and Laminated Chart demonstrates all the facial rejuvenation protocols and techniques, step by step. The practitioner easily learns the correct sequencing of techniques to achieve optimal results. The techniques include enhancement of tissue repair, reducing puffiness, muscle re-education and balance, and softening the appearance of fine lines.

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