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Acupuncture Nutrition

This course concentrates on the processes involved with taking in and utilizing food substances. This course builds on proper bioscience classes to focus on biomedical nutrition and food therapy. This course moves on to cover the topics of vitamins, minerals and nutritional supplements that can be used in an acupuncture practice.


This course covers commonly prescribed medication, their origin, nature, properties and effects. Students will understand the interaction of food and vitamin therapy and herbs and nutritional supplements with pharmaceutical medications. An important outcome of this class is the ability to better communicate with physicians about medications and the overall treatment plan of a patient.

Tui Na

Tui Na is a form of Chinese massage that includes different hand techniques applied to specific areas of the body. Students will gain proficiency in manipulation skill and sensitivity to energy balancing as they practice techniques in class and apply them in clinic.

Chinese Medical Pathology

This course is a practical study of the internal and external causes of disease within the Eastern medical model . A clear understanding of ‘TCM pathologies�is needed in order to apply the sophisticated system of Oriental Medicine based on sign and symptom patterns.

Nutrition (Certificate) (Master Degree)

The Midwest College’s Oriental Medicine (OM) program is unique in that the concentration in this area is an important focus of the curriculum and clinical experience.

While completing the Master of Science in Oriental Medicine, you will gain an important concentration in the biomedical concepts of nutrition including the food pyramid and health promoting effects of vitamins and minerals. TCM nutrition, additionally, looks at the energetic characteristics of foods, how they are used based upon an individual’s constitution, and how food affects Zang Fu syndromes.

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Acupuncture (Certificate)

The Acupuncture program combines rigorous academic course work with broad clinical experiences, leading to a Masters level Acupuncture certificate.

For prospective students who want to concentrate on the practice of Acupuncture, graduates of this program can successfully treat many pain related syndromes and rehabilitative conditions. Students of this program learn both meridian based and Zang Fu based treatment styles and well as electro-acupuncture. Tui Na (Chinese massage) and other modalities of Chinese medicine are taught as Accessory techniques. Graduates of this pro... [Read More]

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