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Professional Vocabulary for Business Management

This elective class is designed to improve communication skills and specialist English language knowledge in the fields of business management. It offers management vocabulary reference and practice. Emphasizes listening and speaking covering common topics to business fields such as leadership, change management and finance. It aids students to describe technical problems and solutions through the study of different case studies in authentic business scenarios. It is designed to reinforce concepts in both oral and written contexts. Does not replace courses in core curriculum.

Academic Conversations

This elective is the second of a two conversational courses sequence that develops skills needed at high academic and professional levels conversations. The work is done in real discussions using pairs, triads, small groups, large groups, and whole class formats. Discussion skills include using rejoinders, asking follow-up questions, seeking/giving clarification, using comprehension checks, soliciting and using details, interrupting, expressing opinions, volunteering answers, referring to information and opinion sources, helping discussion leaders, and leading a discussion Does not r... [Read More]

Intercultural Communication

The objective of this course is to develop effective communicators who can recognize, analyze, and resolve intercultural conflicts. With a focus upon increased globalization and the changing nature of the nation’s population, students are taught to adapt to unfamiliar cultures and establish ways and means for effective communication.

Interpersonal Communication

This course is designed to provide students with an opportunity to develop competencies in the areas of interpersonal communication in both the public and personal arenas. Various written individual assignments focus on sending and receiving clear verbal and non-verbal messages within the framework of both personal and professional contexts. Other areas of skill development covered are perception, listening, resolving conflicts, and the development and maintenance of interpersonal relationships. Students will participate in a research project working collaboratively in dyads.

Mass Communication

This course surveys mass communication theories and practices. The course will review all forms of historic and modern mass communication, including broadcasting and publishing. It will also consider the advent of networking via the Internet. The course further will examine the news business as well as the entertainment and information industries. Issues to be considered include mass media ownership and concentration, ethics and law, the influence of media upon public customs, attitudes and beliefs, and the credibility of media messengers.

Writing and Editing for Publication

This course introduces students to the publishing industry and provides an overview of the entire process of publication, from the topic proposal stage through the printing and distribution of the final published product. All forms of publishing are covered: books, magazines (consumer, literary, trade), refereed professional journals, newsletters, and electronic venues and students develop strategies for targeting specific outlets for their work. Students write a series of individual query proposals, reviews, and articles, and they produce a newsletter issue, participating in all pha... [Read More]

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