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Mitchell, South Dakota, United States

Technical Writing

Introduction to professional and technical writing. This course includes a review of correct mechanics, grammar, and sentence construction. Students will be assisted with developing strategies for writing collaboratively. Skills emphasis will be placed a variety of documents including definition, instruction, summary, abstract, transmittal letter, job application portfolio, and a formal research report with an accompanying oral presentation.

Tax Accounting for Business

Introduction to state and federal reports filed by businesses. Emphasis is on payroll, sales and excise tax reports. Computer application software is utilized. Overview of federal income tax law. Topics include types of business structures for tax purposes.

Small Business Management (Associate Degree)

In today’s fast-paced business world, the small business manager often needs specialty skills to make a business succeed. Using the flexibility of online education, the Small Business Management program will provide business owners with a set of foundational skills that will help strengthen their businesses. Courses are general and applicable to any type of small business. Take the program completely online or attend traditional courses on the MTI campus.


Programmable logic control systems for the control of electrical components and equipment. Projects using solid state devices in commercial and industrial applications are completed.

Industrial Wiring

This course will teach the fundamental concepts of industrial wiring with an emphasis on installation procedures. Topics include grounding, raceways, three-phase systems, transformers (three-phase and single-phase), wire sizing, over-current protection, NEC requirements, industrial lighting systems, and switches, receptacles, and cord connectors.

Industrial Controls (Associate Degree)

Controls are at the heart of regulating any electronic or electrical system. This program will build upon your knowledge base of electrical fundamentals and teach you specialty skills like process controls, automation, and the electronic management of routine electrical tasks. MTI’s outstanding reputation in teaching automation and controls forms a basis of this online program.

This program is for experienced electricians, heating and cooling technicians, commercial and industrial maintenance personnel, or anyone with experience working with electricity. A Journeyworker ... [Read More]

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