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Moving from an Operational Manager to a Strategic Thinker

What is Strategic Thinking? Strategy?
•Strategic thinking �formulating strategies that contribute to the success of the organization
•But what is strategy?
•Exploring the concept of strategy in different contexts �military context, sports and games, commercial businesses, public sector and non-profit organizations.
•Understanding the situations where strategy is required as opposed to just plans or tactics.
•Defining strategy as deliberate choices or decisions to achieve success for the organization within the context of such situations.
•But decisions on what? W... [Read More]

Management Skills for New Manager

Your Role as Manager
•Identifying qualities and abilities required for effective management
•Understanding your role and responsibilities as manager
•Learning to transition from individual contributor to manager
•Knowing how to work effectively with multigenerational workforce
•Understanding the nuances of managing remote teams

Performance Management
•Identifying the challenges to effective performance management
•onducting performance planning, facilitation and evaluation
•Practicing the skill of setting goals, providing effective feedback... [Read More]

Preparing for Leadership

� Is There a Leader in You?
Discuss which qualities senior management looks for in candidates for leadership positions
Understand the challenges you will face as a leader

� What Do Leaders Talk About?
Discover your leadership style, learn to adapt your style to the needs of others

� What Is Your Leadership Image?
Describe how to project the positive professional image of a leader

� How Can You Build Your Influence and Power?
Illustrate ways that leaders can build their power and influence

� How Can You Develop Key Relationships?Read More]

Leading Organization Change Workshop

A 3-day workshop aimed at developing competence sensing and leading successful organizational change. Participants are taken through the key concepts, tools, skills and application of proven change strategies. Primarily aimed at senior leadership level the program emphasizes the notion that leadership has a major role envisioning and sustaining a successful change effort.

Learning Outcome

At the end of the program, participants will be able to:
•Understand the role of being the change leader
•Diagnose Strategic Pressure Points (SPP)
•Make the paradigm sh... [Read More]

Strategic Planning for Business Leaders

What is strategy? An exploration.

The traditional (SWOT) approach to strategic planning and the shortcomings of this approach

A new approach to strategic planning �the issues-based approach

•What is the issues-based approach? What are its advantages?
•The four key steps in the issues-based approach

Strategy for commercial organizations

�Three levels of strategy �corporate-level, business- unit and functional strategy
�Different questions to answer at each level, what are they? How to answer the questions?
�Applying the issues-base... [Read More]

Design Thinking for Creative Innovation

This course aims to:


Explore the nature of design thinking and design thinking for holistic problem solving


Develop design thinking tools to unleash design thinking capabilities


Examine the process models or strategies to define problem space and to map concepts in the problem solving process


Study design-driven practices across different business organisations that leverage on design for strategic and innovative business development

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course... [Read More]

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