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Veterinary Critical Care

Assessment and management of companion animal emergency and critical care patients, including several ’hands on’ laboratories using cadavers to learn and practice emergency and critical care techniques. Principles of emergency and critical patient evaluation, stabilization, and organ system support are the focus of the course. Out-rotations at area emergency clinics are required.

Advanced Acting

Advanced methods in role preparation through exercises in concentration, imagination, sensory and emotional recall, and other Stanislavskian techniques. Analyses and critiques of plays and in-class performances.

Costume Design and Technology

The process of designing costumes taught from the perspective of both the play’s script and the anticipated production with emphasis on historical research, play analysis, rendering technique, and basic construction. Hands-on experience required.

Stage Directing

Basic theory of directing and its application to theatrical production. Play reading, evaluation, casting procedure, staff organization, and rehearsal planning and practices. Laboratory productions of short plays.

Makeup Design for the Stage

The process of design and application of makeup for the stage including techniques for character and age makeup, making and applying facial hair and other specialized techniques. Taught from the play script to production with emphasis on historical research, play analysis, and applications techniques. The course includes hands-on experience with makeup. May not be taken concurrently with ARS 236 or ARS 333. May not be taken concurrently with ARS 236 or ARS 333

Stage Lighting

Fundamentals and uses of stage lighting equipment and stage lighting design. Practical application of design media and shop facilities. Participation in production activity for University Theater presentations.

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