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Public Speaking

An introductory course to develop the student’s skills, knowledge, and understanding of the public speaking process. Topics include the principles of reasoning, audience analysis, collection of materials, outlining, and delivery. Emphasis is on the oral presentation of well-prepared speeches, using computer technology when appropriate


Marriage, Family, and Close Relationships

Marriage, choosing of a partner, love and attachment, parenting, communication, conflict and conflict resolution are analyzed. Family forms, relationships, and functions are included. Sociocultural differences in close relationships and family behavior are also included.


This course is a sociological study of social behavior and social structures, emphasizing the importance of a knowledge and appreciation of the multi-cultural and multiethnic dimensions of society. Topics include cultural elements such as values, norms, beliefs, language, and roles, as well as group processes, social conflict and social change

Aqua Fitness

Fitness level is improved through intermediate water exercises. A non-impact style of exercises that utilizes water resistance for increasing muscular strength, endurance, and cardiovascular fitness. Swimming skills are not required.

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