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Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Paramedic Technology (Associate Degree)

Widely considered to be one of the country’s best schools for EMS education, Northeastern University’s Institute for Emergency Medical Services offers an intensive program that includes the liberal arts and computer courses you need to receive your associate’s degree. The result is a well-rounded learning experience that prepares you to pursue your bachelor’s degree in a related field.

A key benefit of this program is the ability to receive college credits for your lab and field work—enabling you to transfer more credits into one of Northeastern’s bachelor’s degree program... [Read More]

Interactive Design (Certificate)

Digital Media plays an increasingly significant role in the global culture and economy. The Interactive Design Graduate Certificate offers an overview of courses in the creative process of storytelling and communicating through visuals and sound. Students gain expertise in time-based design, interface, and experience design through a practice-oriented problem solving approach.

Nonprofit Management (Master Degree)

Integrating theoretical approaches with practical applications, the Master of Science in Nonprofit Management prepares you for a leadership position in a not-for-profit university, hospital, charity, foundation, or religious organization. Upon completion of this nonprofit degree, you emerge well equipped to embark on a career in nonprofit management—prepared [and inspired] to make a meaningful impact.

Program Objectives
•Explore leadership practices that contribute to organizational success
•Understand legal and governance issues in nonprofit organizations
... [Read More]

Geographic Information Systems (Certificate)

A Geographic Information System (GIS) combines layers of data to give needed information on specific locations. Such a system can map environmental sensitivities or geological features, or can report on how best to speed emergency personnel to an accident or crime scene. Current fields using GIS include healthcare, public safety, environmental management, transportation and operations technology, real estate, and public utilities.

The Geographic Information Systems Graduate Certificate program provides hands-on training to give students the necessary skills and understandi... [Read More]

Photogrammetry and GPS

Examines the theory, tools, and techniques used within the fields of photogrammetry and GPS. Emphasizes aerial photogrammetry and its utilization of GPS as well as discusses close-range photogrammetry. Studies cameras and imaging devices, image measurements, vertical photographs, stereoscopy, image rectification, ground control and aerotriangulation, digital elevation models, topographic mapping, and more. Discussions include an introduction to the fundamentals of geodesy and the concepts and calculations common to the mapping sciences, including datums, projections, coordinate syste... [Read More]

Remote Sensing (Certificate)

Remote Sensing is the measurement of information by a recording device that is not in physical contact with the object being measured. In practice, remote sensing is the utilization at a distance (as from aircraft, space shuttle, spacecraft, satellite, or ship) of any device for gathering information about the environment. The term &,quot,remote sensing&,quot, is most often applied to terrestrial and weather observations, but can be applied to planetary environments and astronomy. Remote Sensing is applicable to many other situations including: land-use change, pollution tracki... [Read More]

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