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Northeastern University D Amore-McKim School of Business About the school

Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Managing a Technology-Based Business

Covers topics specific to managing a business or a strategic business unit within a firm. Considers the special issues related to technology-based firms. Topics include creating a culture, operations planning, staffing for technical excellence, dealing with technology vendors, dealing with advisers, supply chain management, and writing operations plans.

Entrepreneurial Marketing in High-Tech Industries

Examines the specific situation of entrepreneurial marketing in a high-technology context. Topics include how to perform a market analysis when there are limited resources and tight schedules to be met. Also addresses new market situations, opportunity assessment, customer segmentation, going to market, and writing a marketing plan.

Intellectual Property in an Entrepreneurial Firm

Covers the subject of intellectual property as it applies to the new entrepreneurial firm. Topics covered include patents, trademarks, trade secrets, and intellectual property law. Explores the role that intellectual property plays in developing business strategies.


Overviews contemporary theoretical debates over the social, political, and cultural dimensions of globalization and transnationalism. Examines challenges and effects of globalization on the core concerns of political sociology, and the future of democracy, the nation-state, the welfare state, and civil society including such transnational social movements as global feminism.

International Marketing

Develops understanding of the opportunities and challenges facing the international marketing executive, the decision-making process in marketing goods abroad, and the environmental forces—economic, cultural, and political—affecting the marketing process in the international marketplace.

Estate and Gift Taxation

Focuses on the study of the taxes common to the transfer of property and wealth. Topics include gift tax deductions and exclusions, estate valuation, state tax deductions and exemptions, and tax rates. Also explores planning opportunities for these wealth transfer taxes.

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