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cGMP Biomanufacturing Operations

Obtain a basic knowledge of biomanufacturing operations and how cGMP requirements are implemented at commercial scale. Engage in pilot-scale laboratory experiences that examine process utilities, media and solution preparation, bioreactor operation, centrifugation, chromatography, and tangential flow filtration in a simulated-cGMP commercial facility. This course will benefit scientists and engineers who are new to the biomanufacturing industry, biomanufacturing support personnel, and vendors supplying the biomanufacturing industry, among others.

Wind Energy Supply Chain Workshop

This workshop has been created for those who want to learn about current market trends and supply chain opportunities in the wind energy industry. The workshop presenters have toured the world’s largest OEMs, both here and in Europe, interviewed wind farm developers and general contractors, and have condensed the findings into this focused educational program.

Testing, Adjusting and Balancing (TAB) Building Commissioning

Attend and You’ll learn
Commissioning and TAB as quality control processes
The importance of TAB
TAB procedures
TAB specifications
Reviewing TAB reports
Overview of the commissioning process
Coordinating commissioning and TAB for long-term benefit

Who Should Attend

Engineers responsible for designing, specifying, commissioning and operating HVAC controls systems; technicians; maintenance personnel; supervisors; and those interested in expanding their knowledge of building energy efficiency techniques.

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This course covers the operation of typical steam systems and discusses methods of system efficiency improvement.

The course introduces the Steam System Scoping Tool (SSST) and the Steam System Assessment Tool (SSAT). The steam opportunity assessment tools developed by DOE uses the Steam System Survey Guide as a technical reference. The training also introduces the 3E Plus insulation appraisal software and a course example is presented that uses this software.

Participants Will:

The course covers three key areas of potential system improvement:
Steam Gener... [Read More]

Sustainable Site Design

In this seminar, you will learn how sustainable design can be easy on your budget and a huge win for post-construction utility and maintenance costs. Discussion will focus on overall whole-building, whole-site design concepts that will lead to cost-effective solutions. You will hear about new cutting-edge design concepts that will stimulate your creativity and give you a new understanding of what can be accomplished in sustainable design.

Your instructors designed the 2008 Beyond Green Best Sustainable Design Project in the U.S., involving the Northern Guilford Middle and Hig... [Read More]

Statistical Process Control (SPC) Workshop

This one-day workshop will develop your understanding of key SPC methodologies as needed within a quality management system through group activities and individual participation. After this event, you will be able to identify the need for SPC tools within your organization, select the appropriate tool for an identified purpose or recognize a more complex methodology, apply the selected tools, interpret the results of the application, and make correct decisions based on the interpretation. This hands-on event will provide you with both functional and applicable skills.

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