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English For The Legal Profession

Train under a veteran attorney and ESL professional as you develop your legal writing, reading and presentations skills.

Legal Writing:
This course provides practice in writing legal English, including outlining, summarizing, paraphrasing, synthesizing, and developing a legal style of writing. Writing exercises will include drafting client letters, legal memoranda, legal briefs, and other legal writing. Grammar and specific legal vocabulary, including collocations and idioms, will be taught in the context of the material covered.

Legal Reading:
This ... [Read More]

Presentation Skills

You Will Learn To
�Strengthen your fluency skills and improve your ability to speak clearly and succinctly
�Plan, organize and structure powerful presentations that inform, persuade, and influence
�Grab your audience’s attention from the very start and keep them engaged
�Analyze and read your audience and appeal to their particular expectations
�Overcome anxiety and distracting mannerisms through guided exercises and special speaker techniques
�Project your voice and learn how to use vocal variety, tempo and rhythm to hold your listener’s attentio... [Read More]

Integrated Professional English Skills

Trainees will develop an overall balanced improvement in their, oral and written communication skills necessary for effective participation in various professional situations, such as, telephone, conference calls, business meetings, negotiations and presentations. Drafting effective and professional documents such as, e-mails, inter-office memorandums, third party letters, brief reports and executive summaries is also covered.

Trainees will actively participate in simulated business situations such as telephoning and conference calls, business meetings and negotiations. Vi... [Read More]

Business And Professional Writing Workshop

Trainees will polish their business and professional writing skills through intensive writing practice and feedback in a small group workshop setting. Instruction focuses on effective organization, improved editing techniques, and appropriate tones and formats for business communication. Word choice, style, idioms, and grammar are dealt with in the context of job-related writing samples to ensure that learning is focused, specific, and goal-oriented.

Trainees will produce effective documents and expand approaches to the writing process by drafting, revising and proofreadin... [Read More]

Clear And Accurate Speech

Trainees will improve the clarity and accuracy of their speech in professional situations by mastering the sounds, rhythm, and accurate pronunciation of standard American English. Through training and exercises, students will focus on intonation and stress patterns, articulation of individual vowels and consonants that will result in your accent reduction.

Trainees practice focused exercises from authentic material and textbook, as well as performing speaking task such as giving short presentations, simulating effective telephone use, or leading discussions and business me... [Read More]

Business Communication Skills

Through class discussions, simulations of meetings and negotiations, and in-class presentations, trainees will develop fluency in functional English used in professional situations, such as telephone, conference calls, business meetings, negotiations and presentations.

Topics will include business etiquette, networking, leadership and management styles. Grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary will be addressed in the context of lessons as needs and interests dictate. Trainees are encouraged to bring in job, industry specific, or career- related materials to customize their ... [Read More]

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