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Spa Massage

According to some research, 87% of the massage therapist populations are employed in a spa setting. Many students coming out of massage school as well as established therapists in private practice are currently seeking to enter into this ever growing environment. Some therapists have tried the spa route and immediately found it disenchanting to their "style."

This lecture-based course is designed to help therapists on all levels to obtain the knowledge and vocabulary needed to enter and achieve business and professional success in a spa environment. Whether you are ... [Read More]

Restorative Yoga

Participants explore relaxation techniques that can shift the dynamics of stressful living. We cover four restorative poses richly supported with blankets and bolsters to gently position the body for a deep cellular release.

Outline of seminar:
Reasons for RY
Results from RY
Props and their uses
Setting up and creating space
Pose 1: Basic relaxation pose with spinal lift variations and other prop variations
Pose 2: Supported forward bend or child’s pose
Pose 3: Legs up the wall or in the chair
Pose 4: Supported reclining pose
P... [Read More]

Prenatal Massage Therapy

An increasing number of women are becoming interested in prenatal massage as a way to make their pregnancy easier, more comfortable, and more enjoyable. Learn associated propping positions, technique-orientated approach, contraindications and indications, and how to accommodate prenatal clients in your clinic during this six-hour course. This course covers:
Associated propping positions for prenatal clients
A technique-oriented approach
Contraindications and Indications of prenatal clients

Manual Lymphatic Massage

Manual Lymph Drainage is a very gentle type of massage therapy used to drain excess fluid from the body and improve the overall functioning of the lymphatic (immune) system. The Manual Lymphatic Massage Therapy CE course teaches you to encourage the natural circulation of the lymph throughout the body to help clients achieve greater health. Learn to:
Identify the different components of the lymphatic system
Identify lymphatic flow and direction
Explain history of Lymph massage
Identify different lymphatic strokes
Perform lymphatic strokes
Perform MLD massage

Energetic Techniques

The objective of this six-hour presentation is to teach attendees to identify and briefly describe a variety of energy medicine modalities. Attendees experience several modalities both as givers and receivers.

This class includes a review of modalities and guided meditation. Attendees explore details of, the science behind, and experimentation with various modalities, such as:
Polarity Theory
Chakra Balancing

Attendees conclude the class by giving and receiving Energy Healing sessions and a closing meditation.

Bowen Massage Therapy

Learn how to effectively heal a variety of difficult and common problems through Bowen Massage Therapy CE, which teaches this subtle muscle and tissue massage technique. Gain knowledge about Integrated Body Balance and practical guidelines for incorporating sensible lifestyle and aftercare strategies. This course consists of sequential balances of three modules:
A lumbar/gluteal/hamstring module, designed to free the lower back and sacrum areas
A thoracic module, designed to free the diaphragm, thoracic vertebrae, and upper-back musculature
A cervical module to integrate ... [Read More]

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