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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

New Ventures

This course covers all aspects of the entrepreneurial process, providing students with the theoretical concepts and practical skills for creating successful new ventures. This course addresses the entrepreneurial mind set, creativity and idea generation, assessing entrepreneurial opportunities, conducting feasibility studies and market research, developing marketing plans, financial preparation for new ventures, location and capacity planning, new venture team building, legal issues and risk analysis. The course focuses on the development of an effective business plan for a new ven... [Read More]

Managerial Finance

The objective of this course is to enhance student’s ability to approach and make financial decisions, blending both theoretical and practical aspects of financial decision-making. The course emphasizes the use of case studies to show students how organizations analyze the financial implications of their decisions with a focus on value creation for all stakeholders.

Style and Brand Strategy

In this course students learn to interpret the fundamentals of brand strategy as a tool for strategic execution and as a builder of reliable metrics for profitability. Style, a component of branding, will be analyzed as a competitive differentiator and contributor to firms?value propositions. Students will explore how brand development is built over time, assessing multiple touch points and identifying the fiscal value of brand investment. Students will learn a brand strategy methodology that incorporates style, and culminate with a brand audit project.

Financial Reporting and Analysis

In this course students integrate principles of financial accounting and managerial accounting, becoming familiar with financial analysis for short and long-term decisions and the use of financial information for control and performance measurement. The financial accounting portion covers interpretation of financial statements and basics of transaction analysis. The managerial accounting component covers cost-volume-profit analysis, job costing, activity based costing, economic value added, capital budgeting, the balanced scorecard, strategic cost analysis and the potential contribu... [Read More]

Innovative Leadership

This course addresses the skills, concepts, and mind-set that support leadership in complex, innovative organizations. In the context of new business models and planning for uncertainty, topics include self-leadership, critiquing diverse models of leadership, creating vision and strategy, understanding people, managing change, ethical decision making, power and influence, motivation, facilitation of diverse teams, conflict resolution, and organizational culture. The course begins with creative exercises in leadership style self-assessment and extrapolates these results to leadership... [Read More]

Strategic Design MBA (Master Degree)

The Strategic Design MBA is for high-potential professionals who want to be well-positioned for big opportunity ?whether in a major corporation, nonprofit or entrepreneurial venture. This program combines the best of business school with the best of design thinking.

Design thinking is a way of approaching innovation and problem-solving borrowed from engineers and designers. It is used by companies like Nike, Starbucks and Google to introduce new products and services and by city governments to address social issues like illiteracy. Design thinking is the skill... [Read More]

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