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Compensation Law Specialist

Injury in the workplace sets in motion many legal and non-legal issues. A worker’s compensation paralegal can be an integral part of the representative process for the injured party, and for the employer. This course includes federal worker’s compensation, tort law in compensation, employer considerations, employee considerations, types of injuries, benefits under worker’s compensation, the Workers?Comp system, Workers?Comp Insurance, appealing a compensation award, and medical utilization issues.

Wills and Estates Specialist

End-of-life issues will be faced by everyone. In short, it is one of the most important aspects of legal representation because it not only affects the client, but the client’s family and heirs. This course covers many topics relevant to this area of law, including the estate plan, the concept of wills, trusts and estate administration, the law of succession, validity issues, final draft, execution of the will, classification of trusts, living trusts, long-term care, personal representatives, probate and estate administration, tax considerations, and ethical principles.

PMP Exam Prep

To achieve the Certificate and earn the 35 educational hours required to sit for the PMP Exam:
Participants must attend class Monday-Friday
Participants are asked to arrive on time everyday in order to satisfy the required 35 educational hours
Course Schedule is Monday-Thursday 8:00am to 5:00pm
On Friday the class begins at 8:00am Students will review in the morning and take a final course exam in the afternoon. Class will end early on Friday but schedules will vary.

Course Features
500 page workbook
Downloadable audio
Online review materials
O... [Read More]

CAPM Exam Prep

Learn everything you need to know about the project life cycle in this extensive, four-day, instructor led course. You’ll quickly develop new project management skills through case studies, hands-on exercises, and practical experiences.

The Ultimate CAPM® Exam Prep Program is structured to discuss project management processes in the order that they are applied during a project. Our adult learning methods combined with input from experienced project managers serves to provide the greatest benefit for CAPM® candidates.

Discusses project management in the approximate order... [Read More]

Transformational Leadership Workshop

Being a leader of a team, group or organization is an incredible responsibility. Employees often stay or leave a position or company based on the quality of the management team. Most of us can think of a manager who inspired us to stay, be productive, and proactively reach for more. There are also those managers who show up, get a paycheck and don’t actually contribute to the overall health, vitality and effectiveness of the organization. And, there are many management styles that fall somewhere in between these two ends of the spectrum.

To be a truly transformational leader t... [Read More]

Technical Writing

Skillfully written technical material gives readers an understanding of new technologies, processes, or concepts. No matter what the reading level of your audience, the principles behind good technical writing remain the same.

Increase your familiarity with the technical writing process, strengthen your writing styles, and employ design techniques that will improve your documents.

There is no prerequisite for this course.

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