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Technical Theatre

Requirements for a minor in Technical Theatre:

Core Requirements:

DRAM 200 Introduction to Dramatic Studies
DRAM 215 Stagecraft Practicum (1-3 hours)
DRAM 250 Beginning Acting

Choose two:

DRAM 321 Lighting and Sound Design
DRAM 330 Costuming and Makeup Design
DRAM 340 Scenic Design
DRAM 356 Topics in Technical Theater

At least 4 hours of applied stagecraft:

DRAM 221 Lighting and Sound Practicum (1-3 hours)
DRAM 322 Advanced Lighting and Sound (1-3 hours)
DRAM 230 Costuming and Makeup ... [Read More]

Sport Management (Bachelor Degree)

The major in Sport Management at Queens University of Charlotte prepares students for a variety of exciting sport-related careers. Students learn to plan, organize, establish, lead, and appraise within an organization or sector whose primary product and/or service is connected to sport. The curriculum examines all levels of sport: youth, high school, collegiate, amateur, and professional. Students are prepared for entry-level sport management career opportunities and further study at the graduate level. An emphasis of this Queens University of Charlotte major is to become an effectiv... [Read More]

Spanish (Bachelor Degree)

Thirty credit hours of courses in Spanish above the 100-level as approved by the major advisor are required. Core requirements: SPAN 362, at least one literature class, one writing intensive class. In addition, students should take no more than three 200-level classes. The University-wide requirement of an internship may be in an environment related to Spanish and may contribute up to six credits toward the major. Fulfillment of the internship requirement may be achieved either in a foreign placement or in an approved local placement. It is strongly recommended that at least si... [Read More]

Sociology (Bachelor Degree)

Sociology is the systematic analysis of people in groups, from families to large social institutions. Sociologists seek to understand distinctive social processes such as social cohesion, conflict, and change, and to apply this knowledge to social issues challenging the world today. Sociology students will use sociological theory and quantitative and qualitative methods to examine social structures that are shaped by groups, organizations, and institutions.

Evening Programs

All requirements for the Sociology and Sociology-Anthropology minors are offered in the e... [Read More]

Social Media Marketing Workshop

The social media revolution is dramatically changing the way businesses communicate with their clients. Just knowing how to login to Facebook or Twitter is not enough. You need a strategy. During this series of interactive social media workshops, you will be given the tools to create a strategic social media plan specific to your needs and interests.

Who Will Benefit
Anyone looking to expand their skill sets for current or future job including, but not limited to:
?Sales people
?Small-to-medium business owners
?Non-profit workers
?Employees lo... [Read More]

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