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Leicester, Leicestershire, United Kingdom

Banking & Finance

This is a highly participative two-day programme designed for those who are new to the world of banking and international finance, but who do not necessarily have a financial background. It will look at the market participants - the buy-side and the sell-side, and explore the various financial instruments and discuss their uses and practical applications. All terminology will be fully explained, and new financial markets initiatives explored. No prior knowledge is assumed.

What will the course cover?

Day One

Global Financial Markets

Capital market inter-re... [Read More]

Foreign Exchange Markets & Currency Risk Management

This course looks at the foreign exchange markets and how to manage currency risks from a professional, practical perspective. It will provide a practical introduction to foreign exchange markets, the products and risks, a clear understanding of the impact that currency movements can have on a company and guidance on how to evaluate, monitor and control currency risks and formulate an appropriate hedging policy. It will explore and explain the FX markets from both the sell-side (banks) and buy-side (corporate and asset managers) perspective

New market initiatives such as e-FX ... [Read More]

Efficient and Effective Treasury Management

This course will demonstrate how and why good treasury practices can be cost-effective and can improve corporate efficiency and it will put the treasury department in context with the rest of the organisation. Use this programme to "health-check" your own treasury department as we will overview all of the key functional areas, discussing ways and means to increase treasury efficiency.

As treasury skills and applications become more widely recognised both inside and outside the company, it is vital to fully understand "best practice" and ensure that staff un... [Read More]


Market Background

Futures, FRAs, Options, Swaps
Exchange traded vs over the counter (OTC)
Credit risk and gearing
Overview of documentation - ISDA
Market Participants
The sell-side vs the buy-side
Brokers and custodians
Information providers, IT specialists
Post trade processing agents
Underlying Asset Classes
Interest rates, currency, equity, commodities, credit
Financial Futures
Definition and key features
The role of the Clearing House

Cash Management

This course will look at the basics of cash management including the company policy, essentials of forecasting, value dating, calculating interest costs, and various payment systems. We will also cover the key interest benchmarks such as LIBOR and base rate. Sweeping, pooling and netting will be discussed. Investing surpluses and a range of alternatives as well as their associated risks will be covered.

What will the course cover?

Understanding Cash Management

Handling of payments and receipts
Moving money between accounts
What is "float" and how ... [Read More]

Treasury Management for Registered Social Housing Providers

This course is designed to introduce participants to the disciplines of treasury management and the particular regulations applicable to the regulated sector. It starts from the premise of assuming little or no knowledge and works to develop awareness of the role and disciplines of treasury management within the context of the whole organisation. At the end of the course participants will understand the regulatory requirements for treasury management in an RSL as well as developing a broad understanding of the practicalities involved.

What will the course cover?

Introdu... [Read More]

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