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Graduate Diploma in Bioinformatics Workshop

This program links cell and molecular science studies with computer science studies, preparing you for the complementary discipline areas of gene, protein and cell technologies, computer science and informatics.

The courses you&,#146,ll do will be presented by RMIT staff and external experts from research, biotechnology and information technology organisations.

Industry participation is strong in this program, to ensure that it&,#146,s responsive to the rapidly developing technology environment.

The program has been designed for those working i... [Read More]

Master of Biotechnology Workshop

Join the rapidly expanding area of biotechnology. You can study one of the major streams - Clinical Microbiology, Food Microbiology, Food Science and Technology - or you can combine courses and graduate with a generic degree in biotechnology.

This program emphasises the application of new knowledge and technologies to practical problems.

You&,#146,ll experience learning methods like formal lectures, flexible learning activities, review of current literature, oral presentations and practical experience.

RMIT offers a variety of learning and teaching... [Read More]

Master of Science (International Sports Technology) Workshop

Develop the skills you need for leading roles in the international sports industry and sports organisations. You&,#146,ll gain an in-depth understanding of the engineering disciplines relevant for developing innovative sports products.

The global sports industry is an expanding industry worth about US$800 billion. Steady growth of the sports equipment sector is 2.5 times faster than the growth of general consumer spending and the global sports industry is growing faster than the overall GDP.

This program includes intensive laboratory work, from classroom-int... [Read More]

Master of Applied Science (Geospatial Information) Workshop

In these programs you’ll build your skills working with geospatial data and learn to apply geospatial technologies. You can take specialist elective streams in environmental studies, geographic information systems, remote sensing, satellite positioning, multimedia cartography and computer science.

We also offer background courses in software techniques and applications, computer mapping and land development.

To support these technological skills, you’ll study environmental management, natural resource management and geography.

This Master of Applied S... [Read More]

Master of Statistics and Operations

The program combines statistics fundamentals and operations research to find solutions to industry problems.

You&,#146,ll be exposed to the techniques scientists, market researchers, financial analysts, economists and consultants use in various commercial and government organisations.

The program will introduce you to contemporary statistical and operations research software and give you in-depth understanding of processes involved.

The experts delivering this program will further enrich your studies.

RMIT offers a variety of learning a... [Read More]

Master of Social Science (Criminal Justice Administration)

Enter the diverse and stimulating world of criminal justice administration or take your career further with this industry-leading program. With a content mix of criminology, law and management and a strong vocational focus, you&,#146,ll develop your professional knowledge, skills and values, extending your career opportunities in the criminal justice and related sectors, including governance and human security.

This program is designed for students seeking to reorient their career into the criminal justice sector, and managers and entry-level employees working in:
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