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Pharmacology (Master Degree)

When the applicant enters the program, a research advisor is assigned, and the student begins directed research on an active project. In the first three quarters, there is minimal research as classroom studies are emphasized. During these quarters, both Masters and PhD graduate students take the Graduate Core Curriculum (GCC) classes and required Pharmacology (PHR) courses. The summer quarter is devoted to laboratory research. Although research predominates in the second year, the student also takes the medical school pharmacology sequence and additional electives. Master&,#146,s ... [Read More]

Biochemistry (Master Degree)

The Division of Biochemistry offers a master&,#146,s (MS) and doctoral (PhD) degree with a major in biochemistry. All recipients of these degrees acquire a thorough knowledge of normal biochemical processes that take place in the human organism, leading to the development of knowledge and skills of potential benefit to health care delivery. The doctoral degree is awarded following the successful defense of a research dissertation, which demonstrates the ability of the student to perform and present original scientific work. Prior to this, the student must have completed all course... [Read More]

RN First Assistant (Certificate)

The online registered nurse first assistant two-course series prepares graduates to function in an expanded role in the operating room. RNs engage with the perioperative client across the lifespan to provide high quality care and maximize clinical outcomes. The didactic course provides requisite knowledge and clinical experience includes a preceptorship, allowing for development and mastery of affective and psychomotor skills necessary to work effectively in the operating room. The practicum course solidifies knowledge and skills and immerses the RN in the RNFA role. The series... [Read More]

MSN For RNs: Clinical Nurse Leader (Master Degree)

The Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) clinical nurse leader (CNL) is responsible for clinical management of comprehensive client care, for individuals and clinical populations across the continuum of care, and in multiple settings. The CNL assumes leadership/accountability for health outcomes for a specific group of clients within a unit or setting through the assimilation and application of research-based information to design, implement and evaluate plans of care. The clinical nurse leader is also responsible for the coordination and planning of care team activities and functions.... [Read More]

MSN (Master Degree)

The direct entry master&,#146,s (MSN) for non-nurses: generalist entry master&,#146,s (GEM) clinical nurse leader (CNL) program at Rush University College of Nursing comprehensively prepares students, in a two-year full-time curriculum, to be a graduate (MSN) registered nurse (RN) clinician with a focus in clinical leadership. Graduates are prepared to function at a high level in inpatient, out-patient and community settings. This program is for students who already have a bachelor&,#146,s degree in an area other than nursing.

Respiratory Care (Master Degree)

The Master of Science program prepares graduates for a professional career as advanced respiratory care practitioners and leaders in education, research and clinical specialization.

The Master of Science in respiratory care degree program requires a minimum of 119 quarter credit hours taken at the graduate level.

The professional phase of the program:
•Includes coursework and clinical fieldwork
•Is completed at Rush University and its affiliated clinical sites
•Takes approximately 21 months to complete

Graduates awarded a Master of Scie... [Read More]

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