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Dallas, Texas, United States

Professional MBA (Master Degree)

The SMU Cox Professional MBA (PMBA) is one of the most powerful tools you can use to optimize your success in today&,#146,s competitive marketplace. The Cox Professional MBA experience will challenge how you think, plan, communicate, and interact—personally and professionally.

A MBA is a once-in-a-lifetime investment in yourself, your career and your future. The program you attend will have a profound influence on where you work, your circle of friends and colleagues, as well as many other facets of your life. You have one shot to get this right so weigh your options ... [Read More]

Sports Management (Master Degree)

SMU’s Master of Science in Sport Management degree is a full-time, 12-month program designed for students who have a passion for the business of sport and who aspire to hold senior-management positions in the multi-billion dollar sports industry. The program is led by sport management professionals with decades of executive experience in a wide range of segments including professional leagues and teams, media and broadcasting, marketing and sponsorship, facilities and sports equipment and apparel. Students will learn important business skills from faculty at the SMU Cox School of Bus... [Read More]

Finance (Master Degree)

Our goal in the Masters of Science in Finance program is to provide you with the skills necessary to differentiate yourself in the financial services marketplace.

The Cox MSF program is an opportunity for those with either non-business or business undergraduate degrees who wish to acquire graduate level skills in order to enhance career prospects in the field of finance.

Designed to be completed in two semesters, the program can also accommodate professionals who have flexibility in their work schedules and wish to complete the program at a slower pace.
<... [Read More]

Database Design for Business Applications

This course covers fundamental issues in database creation and design. Students start with mapping data collection in organizations onto a database with the objective of storing data consistently over time. They then proceed to study methods for information extraction from databases. In terms of practical skills, students will learn how to import spreadsheet data into Microsoft Access and generate summary reports to answer business questions related to our data. Homework assignments and an implementation project in Microsoft Access will reinforce both the design issues and the pr... [Read More]

Data Visualization and Communications

In this course, students will be taught how to effectively communicate the results of the business analytics that they perform, in both written and oral presentation. The key questions for the analytic communications are: What is happening? Why is it happening? What should we do from here?.

Web and Social Media Analytics

This course covers various analytical methods for analyzing Web sites and Web users. Three types of Web analysis included are: Web Structure (the interconnectivity between various sites), Web Content (the content of Web sites), and Web Usage (patterns of usage of Web sites). Different types of Web sites such as e-Commerce sites, portals, and social media service platforms will be considered. The course includes exposure to Web site analysis tools such as Google Analytics and Yahoo Analytics.

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