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Youth Development Work (Associate Degree)

The Youth Development Work Certificate Program is designed to offer certification to current and potential frontline community youth development workers working in a variety of settings, including public and private after school programs, service related agencies, recreational programs and job development centers. This program is both vocational and academic, offering courses in theoretical and practical topics related to youth development.

Program Emphasis

Emphasis is placed on providing students with a balance of vocational training and academic instruction in the are... [Read More]


This course is an introductory level ceramics course in which students design and construct hand-built and wheel-thrown ceramic objects. Students learn form and surface enrichment, use glazes, and load kilns. This course is designed to meet art major and transfer requirements for ceramic or art majors and also serves students interested in developing ceramic skills.

Life Drawing

This basic course in figure drawing helps students understand form, structure, and proportions of the human figure as they apply to visual expression. Students learn about human anatomy and physical features, composition and perspective, and developing and evaluating their personal style


This course is an introduction to sculptural materials, processes and forms. The course helps students to appreciate the shapes and functions of sculpture (past and present) in the context of hands-on experience. This course is intended for transfer students planning to major in art and for all students interested in working in three-dimensional media.

Globalization and Social Change

This course evaluates the social and political changes brought on by globalization among industrialized, industrializing, and underdeveloped nations. It presents arguments and theories for and against globalization and supplements with empirical examples. The course is useful for those considering careers in law, politics, business, teaching, and non-profit organizations dealing with human rights issues, political advocacy, and international affairs

Sustainability (Certificate) (Associate Degree)

The Sustainability Certificate offers an interdisciplinary, theorical, philosophical and practical approach for students to enter into the academic and/or professional fields related to sustainability.Students gain skills to critically analyze current global affairs in order to offer alternative solutions to create sustainable societies.

The three main pillars of the Sustainability Program are environmental issues, economics, and social and ethical issues. The program explores issues related to these three pillars on an inter/intra personal, communal, and global level. An emph... [Read More]

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