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Houston, Texas, United States

Automotive Engine/Block & Cylinder Head Machining (Associate Degree)

The program objective of Automotive Engine/Block and Cylinder Machining is to qualify the student as an automotive block and cylinder head machinist. Although the actual machining process will be the emphasis of the program, a thorough education on theory of operation of the modem automotive engine will be presented along with the role of the cylinder head to the complete assembly. Performance modifications effect on power, longevity, and airflow characteristics will be highlighted in all courses of this program.

This program is intended for the mechanically inclined stu... [Read More]


Course will teach CNC machining equipment operation using Computer Aided Manufacturing software to generate CNC control program code. Students will explore the interaction between CAM software, CNC controller, and digitizing equipment.

CNC Machining

The program objective of Automotive Engine/CNC Machining course is to qualify graduates to be capable of understanding and performing machining operations utilizing Computer Numerically Controlled Machining Centers. The program will include both classroom and hands-on lab instruction. The primary emphasis of this program will be the application of CNC machining techniques to improve performance of cylinder heads and engine blocks.

Students will thoroughly explore the utilization of 5-Axis CNC Machining Centers as well as Coordinate Measuring Machine digitizing hardware a... [Read More]

Cylinder Head Machining

The objective of Automotive Engine/Cylinder Head Machining is to qualify the student as an automotive cylinder head machinist. The theory of operation and the cylinder head role in the engine operation will be thoroughly covered. Air flow characteristics and their effect on performance and longevity will be highlighted in all courses of this program.

One semester credit hour for each fifteen (15) hours of classroom contact plus appropriate outside preparation or the equivalent: or one semester credit hour for each thirty (30) hours of laboratory work plus appropriate outs... [Read More]


Blueprinting, the art of producing maximum capable horsepower, torque, volumetric efficiency, and R.P.M. through precise component assembly relationships will be taught. The effects of camshaft selection, degreeing, and valve timing in relation to cylinder pressure will be studied. Students will learn the real mystery of high performance.


The student learns the set-up and operation procedures of the machining equipment. He will also learn the procedures used to complete the machining of block and component parts. The differences between standard and high performance applications will be highlighted.

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