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Land Valuation

Land valuation is one of those areas of professional expertise which is fundamental to a full understanding of land in the wide context which surveyors view it. It includes a field trip.


1. Introduce valuation principles

2. Provide valuation examples


Valuation principles.

Valuation practice.

Town Planning

Principles of Town Planning, a practical exercise and review of Planning Legislation.


1. Introduce Principles of Town Planning,

2. A practical exercise

3. Review of Planning Legislation.


- Principles of Town Planning

- Practical exercise

- Review of Planning Legislation.

Astronomy and Satellite Positioning

Astronomical positioning: Introduction to relative movements of earth, sun and stars, astronomical co-ordinate systems. Azimuth determination from sun observations and star observations in detail. Latitude and longitude determination in principle, with emphasis on error minimisation.
Satellite positioning: Theory and practice of precise positioning using GPS series satellites.


1. Exposure of surveying students to the practice of position determination by these methods.
2. Familiarise students with celestial and satellite co-ordinate ... [Read More]

Industrial Surveying

Presents applications of surveying field, office and management principles and practices to the specific environment encountered in mining surveys and other industrial surveys.


1. to understand the peculiarities of the demands and options in industrial and mining surveying
2. to apply surveying field skills to industrial and mining surveying
3. to become familiar with special equipment typically used in mining and industrial surveys
4. to apply surveying office computing and data reduction skills to industrial and mining survey... [Read More]

Spatial Data Systems and Remote Sensing

This course will provide students with a general knowledge of types of spatial information and data base structures and of methods for data analysis, classification and interpolation. Students will acquire skills in the use of Geographical Information Systems and managing spatial data input, verification, storage, output. Students will also obtain general knowledge of the basic concepts of remote sensing and general radiation theory. They will be exposed to a range of sensors and systems and will obtain a broad knowledge of a wide range of remote sensing applications. The course will... [Read More]

Electronic Surveying

Presents the theory and practical usage of electronic equipment used in field surveys such as electronic distance measuring devices and Global Positioning System receivers.


1. to understand the theory, practice and management issues behind the use of electronic distance measurement.

2. to understand the theory, practice and management issues behind the use of Global Positioning System receivers.


Electronic distance measurement, and Global Positioning System receivers

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