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Respiratory Therapy (Associate Degree)

The Respiratory Therapy program at St. Augustine College is designed to train students in the field of respiratory care. Students will receive essential knowledge to integrate didactic, laboratory, and clinical information to fulfill their roles as respiratory therapists in hospitals, home care and other health care environments.

The program will prepare students as respiratory therapists capable of providing specialized diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in areas such as pulmonary function testing, arterial blood gas analysis, medical gas administration, humidity and ... [Read More]

Early Childhood Education (Associate Degree)

The Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree program in Early Childhood Education provides early childhood education theory and practice for students who intend to work as a teacher or teacher assistant in a public or private pre-school program, child-care center, home-based providers or nursery school. Graduates can also work as teacher aides or activities supervisors.

Graduates of this program will:

Demonstrate knowledge of the fundamental principles of early childhood development.
Understand that successful early childho... [Read More]

Culinary Arts (Associate Degree)

The Culinary Arts curriculum is designed to give the students the expertise necessary to enter the food-service industry in mid-level positions. Students who successfully complete this program are qualified for employment in hotels, restaurants, hospitals, snack bars, retirement homes, and other places. Graduates can fulfill positions such as line cooks, first cooks, or sub-chefs.

This is a 60-credit-hour curriculum. From this total, 16 credit hours are for general education, 4 credit hours for support courses and 44 credit hours are for specialization courses... [Read More]

Administrative Assistant (Associate Degree)

The Administrative Assistant curriculum prepares you to enter the job market as a professional office employee in a variety of areas of the corporate world. The program has two concentrations: Office Technology and Office Assistant.

Office Technology:

This concentration prepares you to work in the office of the 21st century, where skills and knowledge of computers are essential. You will learn Microsoft Office Suite, desktop publishing, web design, database applications, business communications, interpersonal relations, and office procedures.

Office ... [Read More]

Corrections Systems and Services

This course covers the development of the corrections systems in the United States, as well as the various types, purposes, and alternatives to the correctional system in society including probation and parole. Other issues will include minority over-representation in the system, abuses in the correctional system, health care, mental health, and rehabilitation vs. incarceration.

Spanish (Associate Degree)

The Languages, Literature and Humanities Department offers its students an Associate of Arts with Spanish concentration.The program helps students acquire the Spanish proficiency necessary for careers which emphasize the value of diverse cultures and global issues. In addition, it prepares students for transferring to a four-year program and completing a Spanish major. The concentration in Spanish requires students to take the following sequential courses:

SPA 201 Grammar and Composition (4 credit hours)
SPA 202 Advanced Composition (4 credit hours)
SPA 250 Hisp... [Read More]

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