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Cultural Heritage Tourism

Developing cultural and heritage resources as tourism attractions involves a number of important elements such as community tourism planning, product development, marketing and management. The course will discuss some of the wide range of cultural heritage assets, which could become viable tourist attractions. Students will select an undeveloped heritage and cultural resource in his/her own country and examine the processes involved in planning and developing and marketing a sustainable attraction.

Tourism Photography

This course will cover the basics of the exciting world of digital photography as it pertains to the travel industry. This course covers the basics of photography: composition, lighting and depth of field. Curriculum will also cover composing travel shots to create a travel journal, creating travel brochures, and photography cultural etiquette, as well as capturing culture, and nature with the camera. Students must bring their digital camera to all classes.

International Tourism

This course consists of 5 modules. Module one is comprised of 6 hours on the cruise industry, focusing on cruise destinations, cruise pricing, and basic cruise knowledge. Module two will be devoted to air and will examine normal and excursion fares, booking restrictions, and calculations. This module is comprised of 12 hours. Module three will focus on land transportation and will include car rentals, rail and motorcoach tours. This module is comprised of 12 hours. Module four is comprised of 9 hours and will focus on tour operators. The fifth module will focus on travel insurance. T... [Read More]

Tourism Marketing

This course will focus on general marketing principles and apply these to tourism/hospitality as an industry and as a business. The marketing principles presented will be applied to the eight sectors of the industry, with a special emphasis on entrepreneurial endeavors.

Professional Tour Guiding

This course will introduce the work and duties of a Professional Tour Guide and Professional Tour Conductor/Manager. Included in the course will be topics covering group management, professionalism, ethics, ethnocultural issues, employer expectations, working with suppliers and problem solving.

Adventure Tourism

Students will discuss the contemporary issues as they relate to the management of adventure tourism, such as the implications of technology on the wilderness experience. This course will also provide the student with an overview of the business concepts as they pertain to the administration.

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