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St. Lawrence College

Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Advertising and Marketing Communications Management (Diploma)

This program prepares students for an exciting career in marketing communications. You will be trained for careers in the creative or media aspects of the advertising business, including print, broadcast and digital media.

Careers are also available in sales promotion, public relations, and event marketing and planning. All instructors are active in their area of marketing communications expertise and bring the latest applications and experiences into the classroom. One faculty member is the author of three textbooks on marketing communications.

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Media Planning

This course introduces the student to a variety of media alternatives available to advertisers. The course emphasizes strategic planning and the development of media campaigns to meet organizational objectives. Students will learn the steps involved in building a media campaign, how to assess relevant information and data about the media and how to present a media plan in report and PowerPoint formats. Data resources such as CARD ?Canadian Advertising Rates and Data and various media databanks are utilized in this course.

Media Sales

This course is designed to help students develop persuasive communications skills, build self-confidence in making presentations, and provide the opportunity of assessing a career in media sales. By learning the “how to?of successful selling, students will quickly realize that the skills required to prepare and deliver an effective sales presentation are transferable to any career orientation. The essential skills that apply to all selling situations will be directly applied in a media career environment.

Video Production/Multi-media

Students will learn the basics of visual communication used in the production of video for a wide variety of formats and end uses. Classes will be in a laboratory and studio setting using professional video production equipment. Technical skills include camera basics, lighting, audio production, linear and non-linear editing.

Event Marketing and Planning

This course introduces the student to the role that event marketing plays in the communications mix. It provides students with the background to recognize and plan opportunities that exist to build business by participating in events.


The first part of Electronic Publishing takes the basic technical skills learned in COMP11, the design theory and copywriting learned in COPY14, and applies this in developing communication pieces including newsletters, flyers, letterhead, logos, compact disk covers, posters, catalogues, magazine, booklets, print advertising and web pages. Adobe certified lessons in Pagemaker 6.5 lead the student through techniques in manipulating text and graphics in an organized grid format to achieve a professional look. The emphasis in this course is advertising and publication layout.

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