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Spanish (Bachelor Degree)

The Spanish program at St. Mary’s University is one of the oldest at the University. Its roots come from the international education character of the Marianist Order, which has schools and universities not only throughout the United States, but in Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia. The department offers the Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish with or without Texas State Teaching Certification.

A photo of Professor Mark LokensguardInternational Experience. St. Mary’s has a spring semester at the Universidad de Alcala de Henares outside of Madrid, Spain. Part of the prog... [Read More]


St. Mary’s students are offered summer law courses and undergraduate and graduate business courses in Innsbruck, Austria, a German-speaking nation. Again, knowledge of German language can only enhance a student’s experience in a foreign country, in addition to giving the locals a better image of Americans.

Music majors will necessarily study the great German masters and voice students know that proper interpretation of music depends upon knowing what the words mean and being able to pronounce and intonate properly. Over the years, students have approached the German langua... [Read More]


The first advantage of learning Japanese is, of course, that through it you will be able to enter a gateway to all Asia. Even though many other languages are spoken in Asia, due to the strength of Japanese economy and cultural exports, if you speak some Japanese, you can move well in all Asian countries. The second is that you would be able to read and understand one of the most celebrated literatures of the world, in the original. If your thing is more manga, or karate, or Japanese films, you will be able to appreciate every nuance when you know the language. Third, when you study J... [Read More]


Mandarin Chinese is a language spoken by almost a quarter of the world’s population, and it is the most-spoken language in the world. It is spoken in the People’s Republic of China, the Republic of China in Taiwan, and in important “Overseas Chinese?communities throughout Southeast Asia and the Americas, from Mexico to Argentina. Please note that St. Mary’s offers classes in Mandarin Chinese, but not a major or minor.

The United States also has an important Chinese American population consisting of several generations of immigrants. It was Chinese labor that built most of... [Read More]


The Portuguese program at St. Mary’s is unique in the city of San Antonio. Created in 1999, the program has grown to include a minor in Portuguese, and the Multinational Organization Studies in Portuguese major. Spoken by more than 250 million people in the world, Portuguese is a world language that enhances the academic and professional profile of any student planning a career with an international component, in international business, international relations, economics, anthropology, sociology, etc. Students majoring in International Business can fulfill the Area Studies requiremen... [Read More]

Vocal (Bachelor Degree)

Bachelor of Arts in Music (Vocal)

Requires a minimum of 71 course hours (including ensembles) within the major

Bachelor of Arts in Music With Teacher Certification (Vocal)

Requires a minimum of 66 course hours in Music (including ensembles), 21 course hours in Teacher Certification

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