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VMware vSphere: Troubleshooting Workshop

Module 1: Course Introduction
�Introductions and course logistics
�Course objectives

Module 2: Introduction to Troubleshooting
�Using a structured approach to troubleshooting

Module 3: Troubleshooting Tools
�Adding the VMware vSphere©_ Management Assistant to an Active Directory environment
�Using commands to record information about your vSphere configuration
�Locating important log files
�Gathering log bundles for technical support

Module 4: SSL Certificates
�Implementing SSL certificates for vCenter S... [Read More]

VMware vSphere Optimize and Scale

Module 1: Course Introduction
•Introductions and course logistics
•Course objectives
•Additional resources
Module 2: VMware Management Resources •Understand the purpose of VMware vSphere Command-Line Interface commands
•Discuss options for running vSphere CLI commands
•Deploy and configure vSphere Management Assistant
•Use vmware-cmd for virtual machine operations
Module 3: vSphere Security •Describe the features and benefits of the Platform Services Controller
•Configure ESXi host access and authorization
•Secure ESXi, vCenter Serve... [Read More]

VMware vSphere

Module 1: Course Introduction
•Introductions and course logistics
•Course objectives
Module 2: Software-Defined Data Center •Introduce virtualization and vSphere components
•Explain the concepts of server, network, and storage virtualization
•Describe where vSphere fits into the cloud architecture
•Install and use vSphere user interfaces
•Describe the ESXi architecture and configure various ESXi settings
Module 3: Creating Virtual Machines •Introduce virtual machines, virtual machine hardware, and virtual machine files
•Deploy a single vi... [Read More]

VMware vRealize Operations Manager

Module 1: Course Introduction
•Introductions and course logistics
•Course objectives
Module 2: Introduction to vRealize Operations Manager •Describe how vRealize Operations Manager is used to manage the software-defined data center
•Describe the features and benefits of vRealize Operations Manager
Module 3: vRealize Operations Manager User Interface •Navigate the main areas of the user interface
•Explain the importance of inventory trees
•View widgets and dashboards on the Home page
•View inventory trees and objects on the Environment page
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VMware vRealize Automation

Module 1: Course Introduction
•Introductions and course logistics
•Course outline
•Course goals
•Course objectives
Module 2: Architecture and Components •Identify the components of a vRealize Automation deployment that is used to manage a multivendor hybrid cloud
•Identify the component design options for vRealize Automation
•Explain the concepts of vRealize Automation administration and self-service provisioning
•Identify how vRealize Automation integrates with other VMware products
•Explain the concept of multitenancy
•Identify the... [Read More]

VMware vCloud

Module 1: Course Introduction

�Introductions and course logistics
�Course objectives
Module 2: VMware vCloud Director Architecture Review
�vCloud Director prerequisites
�Components of VMware cloud infrastructure
�Logical constructs in vCloud Director
�Cloud architecture fundamentals
Module 3: VMware vCloud Architecture Models
�Service provider (public cloud) model
�Enterprise (private cloud) model
�Hybrid model
�Management clusters and resource groups
�Load balancing
�Roles and communications in m... [Read More]

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