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Sydney, NSW, Australia


This is a specialised course which teaches the language and study skills necessary for high school entry. Students develop the English skills and knowledge required for successful participation in Australian school settings, including some subject-specific content that will enable them to follow the key learning areas, and a focus on communication for personal interaction in and out of class.

We conduct on-going assessment of the students�progress, and every month we issue a detailed progress report, which includes a bar graph clearly showing their areas of improvement.<... [Read More]

Preparation for the Occupational English Test (OET) (Certificate)

SCE offers two OET Preparation Courses, both based on an integrated approach to learning. Students work with authentic texts and official OET exam practice materials to build language competency in specific topic areas, and learning is carefully scaffolded to ensure that students build a large bank of vocabulary and use appropriate grammatical structures with a high degree of accuracy. The materials used on the course have been designed specifically to reflect the types of tasks found in the OET examination.

Students focus equally on each skill area and a great deal of att... [Read More]

English for Health Professionals (Certificate)

This specialised course is for students interested in learning English for use in the Health Professions. It is aimed at foreign trained health professionals such as doctors, nurses, pharmacists, dentists, medical students, etc.


EHP is not only for doctors and nurses. Many students would benefit from studying EHP including:
•Health professionals who want to communicate well with English speaking patients and colleagues.
•Students going into a career in interpreting and translating.
•Students who plan to have a career in social work.
•Peo... [Read More]


Students needing a specific IELTS score are given that special attention by qualified and experienced IELTS Preparation teachers.
•One skill is tested each week.
•All the skills are tested once a month (every 4 weeks) and students counselled upon their strengths and areas
for development.
•Classes utilise a number of textbooks for study to give students maximum exposure to different strategies.
•We offer a comprehensive after school, self–access library for students to practise their skills.
•Students can have the assistance of teachers during self–stud... [Read More]

Pronunciation and Fluency (Certificate)

SCE is proud to announce the launch of its new afternoon program:

Pronunciation and Fluency for Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate students.

The program is an ongoing, 4-week closed course that focuses on a different skill each week.

Entry requirements

Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate students only
No pre-entry test, so first-in-first-served
Students must be Super-Intensive and must commit to the whole 4 weeks
Maximum of 16 students
Students to be made aware that they will be recording themselves regularly and be wi... [Read More]

General English (Certificate)

We will enable you to use English socially, for study and for work. You will learn the four skills of listening, speaking reading and writing in a lively way that gets you motivated. We will ask you to speak a lot and to get involved in a wide variety of activities. There will be many opportunities for you to practise what you have learned so that you become an “active�learner.
â—¦Students will be assessed across all 4 skills once amonth and individually counselled on their progress
â—¦Class size is average 12 students
â—¦Students go on educational excursions regularly
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