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Entrepreneurship and Real Estate

The class focuses on real estate issues in hospitality operations, and on the requirements and skills needed to become an entrepreneur in hospitality. As such, the real estate portion covers general principles of real estate ownership and management, but with a concentration on the unique aspects of hospitality real estate development and financing. Project feasibility analysis and sound underwriting criteria are a major focus of this section of the course. The entrepreneurship portion of the course focuses on requirements of owning and operating one&,#146,s own business, includin... [Read More]

Services Marketing

The marketing mix (promotions, public relations, sales, advertising, operations, pricing) as applied to various settings is analyzed, as well as marketing segmentation and targeting. The application of the principles specific to service marketing is a primary focus of the course, which employs case study methods in addition to traditional content delivery. Current issues and problem areas associated with marketing and public relations are analyzed.

Service Management in Tourism and Hospitality

The objectives of this course are to improve the understanding of management in the service sector and to identify quality customer service. The service revolution, the competitive edge, service strategies, and service evaluation are discussed. Customer diversity related to providing high-quality service is emphasized.

International Tourism

The importance and development of an international tourism market are discussed, along with the planning and development of an international tourism destination. Cultural tourism and ecotourism are included.

Acting for the Camera

The study of acting techniques as applied to film, soap operas, prime-time dramas, prime-time situation comedies, commercials and industrials.

Playwriting Workshop

This course is designed for the relatively inexperienced playwright and the more experienced who want to improve their craft. It is a workshop based course with the focus on storytelling. The aim is to examine the fundamentals of the writers�craft: theatricality, structure, character, plot, dialogue. We are looking to develop the playwright’s “voice.�&,intro

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