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Guitar for Busy Adults

Ready to move beyond Guitar Hero? This class offers students from a variety of musical backgrounds an opportunity to learn the guitar in a group setting. Classes will address learning how to accompany songs, play music in a wide variety of styles, read music, write songs, improvise and more! Students must provide their own acoustic guitars and tuners.

Singing for Busy Adults

Taught by Staff Teacher
Take advantage of this opportunity to develop your vocal skills in an informal and supportive atmosphere. The class focuses on posture, breath control, tone production, diction, and the development of basic musicianship skills.

Beginning Piano for Busy Adults

Taught by Music Prep piano faculty member
Level 1: If you once played the piano or you&,#146,re just dying to learn, here&,#146,s your chance. Playing at a digital keyboard, learn basic rhythms, chords, note names and musical forms. Receive individual attention as you play with an ensemble, and practice on your own with headphones. Class size is limited.

Level 2: This course is designed for those who have completed level 1 or are proficient in basic notes and rhythm reading. Class size is limited.

Workplace Diversity

This course teaches employees to start with a practical framework to examine diversity, structures that block its benefits and the legal hazards of exclusion. Learn how varying communication, learning and problem solving styles can be changed from an irritant to an advantage. Understand the impact of identity development on cross-cultural interactions. Identify individual and organizational strengths and needs.

Stress Management Workshop

Stress can actually be helpful if one can learn to understand it and make stressors work for them. This workshop will teach participants to distinguish between real and perceived stress, to use personal resources to contain and retrain their stressors, and to practice effective time, space, and mind management.

Spanish for Health Care Professionals

This course focuses on hospital admissions, patient symptoms and illnesses, and documentation procedures. Participants will study the most useful verbs, commands, adjectives, and nouns used in the field. They will be engaged in question and answer drills, repetition drills, translation drills, and true-to-life dramatized situations that will help improve Spanish communication skills.

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