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Tertiary Infotech Sdn. Bhd.

Cheras, Wilayah Persekutuan, Malaysia

Agile Project Management

Agile Project Management offers a set of frameworks that covers the people, products and practices (techniques) required to successfully implement projects in the modern business environment. Originally created for software/systems development, Agile is now used to help manage any form of business change. This course is a preparatory course for Agile project management certification.

Fundamental REITs Investing

The real estate game has transformed significantly with the emergence and impressive performance of real estate investment trust (REIT) in Malaysia. Regardless of whether you are a real estate professional, occupier, owner, developer or investor, the impact of REITs on the real estate industry cannot be ignored. This course aims to provide you a fundamental understanding of REITs such as how to compute REITs dividend and yield, different types of REITs.

Odoo 9 ERP Essential

Due to organic growth all companies face one moment in their history, where they realize, that their digital structure, they once started with causes more problems, than it solves, because it is too static - too small. Or they find themselves with too many software to do certain tasks, that need to be connected via APIs to have a useful information flow within the company. This way of building a digital infrastructure is expensive, not transparent, complicated and far away from being stabile.

Odoo is one of the first All-In-One solutions, which is affordable &, still ea... [Read More]

Python Machine Learning with Scikits Learn

This training aims to equip you with basic machine learning knowledge using Python scikit-learn package such as regression, classification, clustering, decision trees and neural networks.

Magento SEO

This course will focus on search engine optimization (SEO) for Magento and how you can start using it to increase your Magento website&,#146,s visibility to search engines and attract the right kind of traffic to the right kinds of pages on your site. Discover how to read a results page and find your ranking, and see how rankings affect both large and small businesses. Then find out how to do keywords analysis, implement on page and off page SEO techniques to Magento. Finally the trainer will show how to measure the effectiveness of your SEO using Google Analytics and setup goals ... [Read More]

Google AdWords Essential

Get more visitors to your website and more value from your pay-per-click (PPC) spend with Google AdWords.This course will show you how AdWords works, and knowing what your business and customers need. Then you&,#146,ll learn how to set up a new AdWords account and start researching your keywords: the foundation of all great ads.

Once you&,#146,ve set up your campaign, you&,#146,ll learn how to use AdWords reporting and Google Analytics to monitor the performance of ads and optimize ads to get more clicks, conversions, and ultimately more return on your investment ... [Read More]

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