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Mobile Website Development

In this module, students learn best practices for making sure their sites perform equally well on all devices. Concepts like media queries, responsive design and mobile scripting will be explored, and students will gain experience solving design problems that arise when trying to accommodate a smartphone screen and a full-sized computer monitor all at once. jQuery Mobile adds usability and user interface features that make it simple to create an experience like that of a native app.


Module moves toward back-end development as students learn the basics of PHP coding, one of the world’s most popular server-side languages. Students are then introduced to MySQL and the concepts and best practices for working with databases in their projects. The use of these databases allows students to add myriad new features to their projects, including user account information and persistent user-created data.

Visual Journalism

A photograph can decorate a wall or it can have the power to shake the world. It is a picture’s storytelling potential that makes photography such a potent force in our lives. After advance approval of story proposals, timetable and budgets, students will produce a still photographic essay that will form the basis of a multimedia film presentation. While exploring the traditional elements of story telling (“pitching?a concept, shooting, editing, documentation and presentation), students will also collect additional assets for inclusion in their final Multimedia story project f... [Read More]

Multimedia Tools for Photographers

This course introduces the editing techniques required to build dynamic multimedia productions for the web. Step-by-step exercises will provide a clear understanding of how advanced authoring tools combine still photography, audio and video assets into an engaging piece of work.

Audio Recording for Photographers

This course expands on DSLR video production and introduces enhanced audio recording technique as perhaps the most critical component of a successful multimedia video project. Beginning with the basic skills required to produce an effective “radio interview? students will explore the process of professionally capturing ambient sound, music and the spoken word using small multi-channel digital recorders with and without supplemental microphones.

DSLR Video for Photographers

Driven in part by the rapid development of DSLR cameras incorporating high definition video capabilities, the convergence of still photography and filmmaking has created a profound shift in the nature of both media. For still photographers especially, the integration of movement and sound into our work has become a crucial (and highly marketable) skill. From planning the shoot by storyboarding, through sequencing the shooting schedule, advanced lighting (including “motivated?lighting with continuous supplemental light sources), dynamic focusing and exposure, directing subjects... [Read More]

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