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Lock-Out Tag-Out and Machine Guarding

This course discusses the basic concepts, principles and methods of machine guarding.
Participants will learn which areas should be guarded to provide adequate worker protection
and how protection can be effectively provided.
When equipment must be set up or worked on without guarding, employees must be protected
using lockout / tagout techniques. This course provides training in utilization of procedures to prevent
unexpected energy start, or release of stored energy. These two OSHA standards governing lockout will
be thoroughly reviewed.

Overhead Crane & Rigging Safety

Forklift Operator

This course is designed to provide the basic classroom portion of required training for the safe
operation of forklifts. It is designed for those who operate forklifts and those who are responsible for
training others. Participants will learn how to train others within your organization and how to present
the classroom portion of the training required for forklift operators. It will also teach them what they
need to do to provide hands-on training that is specific to your facility and equipment. Both levels of
training are required by OSHA for forklift operators.
Co... [Read More]

Electric Arc Flash Safety

NFPA 70E covers the full range of electrical safety issues, including safety related work
practices, maintenance, special equipment requirements and installation. It focuses on
protecting people and identifies requirements that are considered necessary to provide a
workplace that is free of electrical hazards.
This course will equip participants with the skills to recognize, evaluate, and control
electrical hazards, particularly those associated with arc flash.
?Overview of Requirements of NFPA 70E
?How OSHA utilizes NFPA 70E
?Requirements for per... [Read More]

Confined Space Entry

Hundreds of injuries and deaths can be avoided if workers are properly trained. Did you know
that most workers killed in confined spaces were trying to rescue another individual? What is
a “confined space?and when is a permit required? What are the “alternate procedures?and
when can they be applied? This course covers entry permit requirements, hazard control,
safety equipment, and confined space entry team duties.
Course Topics
?OSHA Standards Summary
?Training Requirements
?Permit Required Confined Space Entry
?Personal Protective Equipme... [Read More]

Accident/Incident Investigation

Course Topics
?Accident Causation
?Steps in the Investigation Process
?Investigation Toolkit
?Witness Interview Techniques
?Facts vs. Opinions and
?Root Cause Analysis
?Accident Reports
?Physical Evidence and Photographs
?Workers?Compensation and Liability
?Corrective Action & Follow-Up

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