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Dallas, Texas, United States

Financial Engineering

Introduction to finance and investments from an engineering perspective. Focuses on the principles underlying financial decision making which are applicable to all forms of investment: stocks, bonds, real estate, project budgeting, corporate finance, and more. Intended for students with strong technical backgrounds who are comfortable with mathematical arguments. Primary components: deterministic finance (interest rates, bonds, and simple cash flow analysis), single period uncertainty finance (portfolios of stocks and pricing theory).

Manufacturing & Service Systems Planning & Analysis

Manufacturing &, Service Systems Planning &, Analysis is the study of management related to transforming inputs to outputs for both manufacturing and service organizations. Its fundamental purpose is the adding of value to inputs - materials, labor, capital and management - to create outputs - products or services which customers want - throughout the supply chain.

Software Testing, Validation and Verification

Fundamental concepts of software testing. Functional testing. GUI based testing tools. Control flow based test adequacy criteria. Data flow based test adequacy criteria. White box based testing tools. Mutation testing and testing tools. Relationship between test adequacy criteria. Finite state machine based testing. Static and dynamic program slicing for testing and debugging. Software reliability. Formal verification of program correctness.

Advanced Requirements Engineering

System and software requirements engineering. Identification, elicitation, modeling, analysis, specification, management, and evolution of functional and non-functional requirements. Strengths and weaknesses of different techniques, tools, and object-oriented methodologies. Interactions and trade-offs among hardware, software, and organization. System and sub-system integration with software and organization as components of complex, composite systems. Transition from requirements to design. Critical issues in requirements engineering.

Software Maintenance, Evolution, and Re-Engineering

Principles and techniques of software maintenance. Impact of software development process on software justifiability, maintainability, evolvability, and planning of release cycles. Use of very high-level languages and dependencies for forward engineering and reverse engineering. Achievements, pitfalls, and trends in software reuse, reverse engineering, and re-engineering.

Engineering Packaged Goods Distribution

This course covers both warehouse and DSD models of distribution common in CPG industry, in which network engineering design, distribution &, replenishment planning and transportation planning / execution are performed. Students will also learn about unique distribution engineering aspects of returns, recycling, variety and display products and push/pull/hybrid delivery. In addition, this class focuses heavily on the practical operational aspects of distribution management through discussion and case studies.

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