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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

Actuarial Science (Bachelor Degree)

Actuarial science stands at the intersection of risk and money. Actuaries are experts in evaluating the likelihood and financial consequences of future events, designing creative ways to reduce the cost of undesirable events, and decreasing the impact of tragic events that do occur. They are in great demand by insurance companies, consulting firms and financial institutions.

The concentration provides an intriguing blend of mathematics and business management for students with a strong mathematics aptitude. Ideally, students graduating from Wharton with an actuarial scien... [Read More]

Real Estate Entrepreneurship

What makes a successful entrepreneur in the real estate industry? This half semester mini-course exposes undergraduates and MBA students to this question in the context of real estate opportunities past and present: equity investments, debt investments and real estate operating companies. The topics require the evaluation of entrepreneurial opportunities, structures, investment decision-making, and risks which are present in commercial real estate markets. This course requires a strong understanding of core business topics, especially: entrepreneurship, finance, management and real e... [Read More]

Advanced Real Estate Investment and Analysis

The class will contain a mixture of lectures, guest speakers and case discussions. Academic research is paired with recent industry analysis of key issues in order to marry sound theory and empirical results with current events and practices. Several classes will include lectures outlining what economics and finance tell us about a number of topics. Generally, these will be followed by guest lectures from industry professionals who will focus on a specific application of the principles introduced in the lectures. Format: Lecture, industry speakers.

Real Estate Development

This course evaluates &,quot,ground-up&,quot, development as well as re-hab, re-development, and acquisition investments. We examine raw and developed land and the similarities and differences of traditional real estate product types including office, R &, D, retail, warehouses, single family and multi-family residential, mixed use, and land as well as &,quot,specialty&,quot, uses like golf courses, assisted living, and fractional share ownership. Emphasis is on concise analysis and decision making. We discuss the development process with topics including market analys... [Read More]

Real Estate Law

This course examines the fundamentals of real estate finance and development from a legal perspective. The course serves as a foundation course for real estate majors and provides an introduction to real estate for other students. It attempts to develop skills in using legal concepts in a real estate transactional setting. The course will be of interest to students contemplating careers in accounting, real estate development, real estate finance, city planning, or banking. The main topics covered may include the following: land acquisition, finance, choice of entity, tax aspects, man... [Read More]

Decision Making Under Uncertainty

Fundamentals of modern decision analysis with emphasis on managerial decision making under uncertainty and risk. The basic topics of decision analysis are examined. These include payoffs and losses, utility and subjective probability, the value of information, Bayesian analysis, inference and decision making. Examples are presented to illustrate the ideas and methods. Some of these involve: choices among investment alternatives, marketing a new product, health care decisions, and costs, benefits, and sample size in surveys.

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