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Biloxi, Harahan, Madison, New Orleans, United States

Online Journalism

This course is designed to enable students to streamline, enhance and tailor their writing for new media publications, online magazines and commercial web sites.

Feature Writing

This course works within journalistic standards to focus on the skills needed to write topical, in-depth, human interest stories. Students learn to gather materials through interviews, research, and observation while cultivating their own writer’s “voice?for the creation of comprehensive articles for publication in newspapers, magazines, Internet sites, and other media.

News Writing and Reporting

This course develops research, organization, and composition skills for the production of professional-quality articles for publication in newspapers, magazines, Internet sites, and other media. It explores the knowledge and skills needed for building on story ideas by acquiring sources, researching effectively, and writing polished, informative stories.

Employment Law

An introduction to the practice of employment law with a review of relevant guiding principles. Identification of best practices in establishing, maintaining and terminating the employment relationship. The emphasis will be on developing the ability to evaluate employment law claims and ethical versus unethical practices, with attention to legal precedent and application of this understanding to real-world employment disputes.

Legal Interviewing and Investigation

This course is an in-depth study of principles, methods, and investigative techniques utilized to locate, gather, document and disseminate information. The emphasis will be on developing interviewing and investigative skills intended to prepare paralegals to communicate effectively while recognizing ethical problems.

Commercial Law

An introduction to the execution, validity and enforcement of contracts, mortgages, pledge assignments and other security devices, the law of checks and notes with emphasis on formal requirements and liabilities of parties and collection procedures.

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