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WORD 2010

Section 1 ?Word Processing Basics
Starting Word
Fluent User Interface
Quick Access Toolbar
Customize the Ribbon
Ruler, status bar and Zoom
Entering text
File Backstage navigation view
Saving and organizing files
Navigating in documents
Opening and closing files
Recent Documents on Taskbar
Jump List on Start Menu
Automatic Spell Check
View Buttons
Getting Help
Exiting Word
Section 2 ?Working with Files
Opening files
Recent documents
Save As command
Selecting textRead More]


Section 1 ?Presentation Basics
Starting PowerPoint
Fluent User Interface
PowerPoint terms
PowerPoint Options
Quick Access Toolbar
Customize the Ribbon
Creating a Presentation
Saving a Presentation
Saving and organizing files
Opening and closing files
Aero Peek Preview
Jump List
Dialog Boxes
View Buttons
Getting Help
Exiting PowerPoint
Section 2 ?Editing Presentations
Text Placeholders
Editing text
Manipulating text
Slide Layout
Bulleted text
Text color
Font alignm... [Read More]

EXCEL 2010

Section 1 - Excel Basics
Starting Excel
Fluent User Interface
File Backstage view
Excel Options
Quick Access Toolbar
Customize the Ribbon
Dialog Box Launcher
Getting Help
Exiting Excel
Section 2 - Worksheets
Entering and editing data
Deleting data / Using Undo
Saving a File
Print Tools
Opening and closing workbooks
Using Save As
Recent Documents in Windows 7
Jump Lists on the Taskbar/Start Menu
Creating New Workbooks
Aero Peek Preview
Section 3 ?Formulas and Functions
The Fo... [Read More]


Section 1 ?Access Basics
Database Terms
Start Access
Database Security
Open a Database
Backstage View
Access Options
Quick Access Toolbar
Customize the Ribbon
Open Tables
Table Views
Close Tables
Access Help
Recent Database List
Info Tab
Recent Documents Start Menu
Recent Files Jump List
Exit Access
Section 2 ?Design Databases
Database Design
Design Tables
Define Fields
Save Tables
Primary Key
Add Data
Modify Table Design
Navigation Pane
Read More]


How do you advise clients concerned about transferring wealth to new generations? As the American population grows older, wealth transfer planning will be more and more important for taxpayers and their advisors. This course provides a framework for taxpayers and advisors in identifying key planning issues in the transfer of wealth. This course is intended for accountants and attorneys.
Key Topics
?Fundamentals of the estate and gift tax
?Powers of appointment and tax attributes of married couples
?Generation skipping transfer tax
?Fiduciary income taxRead More]


There are approximately 25 million small businesses in the United States ?each comprised of 500 employees or fewer, however, most businesses in this category have 10 or fewer employees. Many small business owners, at some point, expect to sell their business. One impediment to the sale is a reliable valuation. To efficiently and correctly value a business, whether public or private, consideration must be given to such elements as the growth rate, the legal form of the organization, the opportunity cost rate, and the terminal value. Each of those items, and additional considerations,... [Read More]

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