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Today’s musician must be skilled not just on their instrument but in all aspects of public interaction, both live and in electronic media. The viola students at The Hartt School are provided with unique training to ensure a successful and diverse professional music career upon completion of their course of study.

From the beginning, students are given individual, personalized guidance with the goal of creating the next generation of exciting and meaningful arts innovators. The viola community at Hartt is supportive, interactive, and rigorous. Through the many performance ... [Read More]


The positive and encouraging atmosphere at the Hartt School is an ideal learning environment for aspiring young musicians. Located less than two hours from both Boston and New York, West Hartford is an ideal place to work in a robust and stimulating environment, with access to both great concerts and events. The violin studios abound with industrious, high-level talents noted for achieving tremendous accomplishments while in this exciting string program.

Violin Faculty, Lessons and Masterclasses
The violin professors at Hartt have distinguished careers in teaching and perfo... [Read More]


We live in a time when even the greatest artist is concerned about surviving. Now, throw the tuba into the mix and the challenges are…wellâ€? challenging. The goal I have is to help you realize that success is not based purely on what you have in your checkbook. Music is an art form. It’s a living, breathing thing. It commands respect. It’s part of who you are; otherwise, you wouldn’t consider it as your livelihood. My responsibility to you is to insure that you have the skills to become marketable and the desire to make the lives of the people you touch just a little b... [Read More]


Success for a professional career in music must include the highest possible performance skills and the broadest possible musicianship. The Hartt Trombone Program is uniquely designed to assure this.

Trombone study at Hartt involves highly personalized attention to the individual needs and abilities of every student enrolled in the program. Students learn to be conversant in music of different musical periods (Renaissance, Baroque, classical, modern), with varying nationalistic styles and, in the diverse roles of solo, chamber and orchestral musician. The program offers eig... [Read More]


Brass performance training at Hartt is a comprehensive program designed to prepare trumpeters for careers as performers in the 21st century. Students receive a weekly one-hour private lesson with Kevin Cobb or Jay Lichtmann, each an internationally recognized artist/teacher on his instrument.

Practical application of technical and musical knowledge acquired in weekly lessons is effected through various training and performance opportunities. Whether as a soloist or as a member of an orchestra or wind ensemble section, performance majors are taught and have the opportunity to p... [Read More]

Saxophone (Master Degree)

Developing saxophonists will progress towards mastery of the following technical and expressive aspects of their playing: tone production, intonation, technical proficiency, range, phrase shaping and musicality, ensemble blend, aural skills, and improvisation. This set of masterclasses will allow for the developing saxophonist to grow within both the classical and jazz idioms, delving into classical and jazz solo repertoire, and saxophone ensemble works. Explore the duality of your instrument, and how to continue developing after the week closes.

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