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3D Visualization

Advanced 3D modeling exploration for an effective design visualization and analysis tool with an emphasis on complex surface modeling, complex assembly, and animated simulations.

Public Finance

Effects of economic incentives on voters, government officials, economy and markets, analysis of situations where private markets fail to be efficient, applications to government policies at federal and local levels, analysis of tax system and interaction among federal, state and local governments.

SAS Applications in Statistics

Practical experiences in conducting statistical analysis using the SAS statistical package to analyze, evaluate, and report data.

Pharmacy Administration and Management

Introduces the concept of pharmacy administration with a detailed description of research issues. Emphasis will be on historical issues pharmacists have faced and the role of pharmacy managers in health care systems. A case-based discussion approach with pre-assigned reading material.

SAS Programing for Healthcare

Introduction to SAS programming language to manage and manipulate large health care databases. Students become proficient to pass the SAS programmer certification.


Survey course exploring approaches to the directoral process.

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