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Event Planning

This introductory course introduces the learner to the fundamentals of event planning. Determine target markets, explore the various types of events and create compelling event concepts to improve participant experience. Produce budget and schedules, obtain appropriate licensing, permits and insurance in order to prevent potential barriers. Identify the elements involved in creating an event from venue selection, decor and menu design, vendor selection, rentals and entertainment, marketing and promotions.

Wedding Planning

This course introduces students to the knowledge and skills of an effective Wedding Planner. Explore all aspects of wedding planning from its inception to execution through venue selection, decor and flowers to vendor selection, rentals and menu design. Acquire basic business fundamental such as setting up shop, marketing and social media, contract design and negotiating practices.

Business Ethics

Explores a variety of topics related business ethics and the ethical dilemmas encountered by managers. The emphasis is on the relationships between the various stakeholders involved in business situations: government issues, individual issues, group issues, corporations, and nations.

Wedding and Event Management (Certificate)

The Wedding and Event Planning Certificate is designed for individuals entering the Event &, Wedding Planning, Special Events, Business Leadership and Management, and Public Relations Industries. The program is taught by experts from the industry to emphasize the development of technical and professional skills which will foster individual growth and creativity. At the end of this program the student will possess skills that will instill confidence and clarity when planning events and conducting business in all areas of the field.

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Tea Sommelier

Train to become a Tea Sommelier ?a knowledgeable tea professional with a specialty in tea service. Learn tea procurement and storage, developing tea lists/menus, delivery of tea service, and training of staff. Tea Sommeliers prepare and suggest tea menus/lists to best complement food items while also working on the floor with customers. Ethical duties include working within the taste preference and budget parameters of customers.


Learn to create presentations using a variety of commands, functions, and PowerPoint capabilities. Designed for computer users who are new to presentation manager programs, or who only plan to use PowerPoint occasionally. Required supplies: Please purchase textbook from downtown bookstore prior to course start date.

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