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Anger Management At Work

Anger is a normal, healthy emotion but can quickly become unhealthy and detrimental if not understood and controlled. With this Anger Management designed by iTrainingExpert helps you hands-on on managing ones anger becomes easier and leads to less stress and improved personal and work relationships.
If nothing on this earth is certain, except death and taxes, then why do we are we still affected by &,#146,anger&,#146, in all forms in our lives?

No doubt, there&,#146,s benefits of having highly strung-emotions at times, but if &,#146,anger&,#146, is co... [Read More]

Advanced Grammar and Writing Clinic Workshop

This advanced grammar and writing workshop will cover a more detailed analysis of clause structure, and go on to examine variations in information packaging and derived structures which give the English speaker and writer alternative methods of communicating their thoughts, involving sometimes complex variations of grammar. A special study of the sometimes vexed question of adjectives and adverbs will be undertaken.

By the end of this English grammar course, it is expected that participants should have acquired:

- Deeper understanding of the complex manipulation... [Read More]

PowerTalk to Win - Advanced NLP Presentation Skills Workshop

In the 2 day workshop, the processes that you will experience will help you unleash your potential and propel you forward to have higher level of confidence in yourself so that you feel, act and behave like the world&,#146,s top presenters. You will have better control to influence and persuade your clients and audience during your presentation. You can project the image of &,#146,credibility&,#146,, &,#146,trust&,#146, and &,#146,confidence&,#146, through your body language and words.
All of these help you build strong and deep rapport and trust for you, y... [Read More]

Scheduled Waste Management Workshop

According to the Waste Management and Minimization Compliance to Environmental Quality (Scheduled Waste) Regulations, 2005, “Every waste generator shall ensure that all his employees involved in the identification, handling, labelling, transportation, storage, and spillage or discharge response for scheduled wastes attend training programmes.?
This same requirement for training applies to all employees of waste contractors involved in the handling, transportation and storage of scheduled waste. This workshop is also named as Scheduled Waste Management.

*Checkout for... [Read More]

Strategic Negotiation and Deal Making

This course is designed delegates who are part of managing high-stakes deals, settling major disputes, or navigating challenging negotiations and you need more than persuasive tactics to achieve the best outcomes.

In this results-proven program, you&,#146,ll learn how to bring together the right players, tackle the right issues, develop the right process for each type of deal, especially very big deals and master negotiation techniques that yield maximum value.

*Checkout for more course information, latest dates and training venues on http://itrainingexpert.... [Read More]

negotiate to win, secrets to improve your negotiation effectiveness Workshop

in the competitive business environment of the twenty-first century, we are all under tremendous pressure to deliver faster, better and quicker results. buyers and sellers at the forefront of the commercial relationship and managers negotiating internally, all face increasing pressure to achieve more. this negotiation training course describes a range of successful negotiating techniques and explains how you can use them to help you achieve your key objectives.

far too many negotiations left value on the table.

negotiators sadly divide a small pie ... [Read More]

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