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Wireless Communications

Singapore, Singapore

Nanyang Technological University

This course will examine non-wired communications methods for embedded systems. Topics covered will include: a review of wireless communications; TDMA, FDMA and CDMA, GSM and CDMA systems; wireless networks and Bluetooth; wireless subsystem design and implementation. Wireless mobile channels: design of linear and non-linear equalizers, adaptive equalization, structures for equalizers; implement......

Class Format: Public Course / Instructor-Led

Wireless and Mobile Cellular Communications

Johns Hopkins University, Whiting School of Engineering

In this course, students examine fundamental concepts of mobile cellular communications and specifics of current and proposed U.S. cellular systems. Topics include frequency reuse; call processing; propagation loss; multipath fading and methods of reducing fades; error correction requirements and techniques; modulation methods; FDMA, TDMA, and CDMA techniques; microcell issues; mobile satellite......

Class Format: Online / Virtual Classroom

WCDMA and MC-CDMA for UMTS/UTRA Workshop

SOLUTT Corporation

WCDMA is the Physical Layer Standard for 3G Mobile Communication systems. The course is focused on principles, technology system architectures, evolution of standards, main applications and expected future trends in the field. The traditional technologies based on power controlled CDMA with RAKE as well as more advanced technologies based on Multiuser Detection, Adaptive Antennas, MC-CDMA and S......

Class Format: Online / Virtual Classroom

HSPA and LTE: The UMTS Evolution Workshop

SOLUTT Corporation

This course provides an overview of different architectures, principles, design techniques and performance of the UMTS High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA)/High Speed Uplink Packet Access (HSUPA) and Long Term Evolution (LTE) Mobile Broadband Wireless Access (MBWA) systems. Topics include wireless data access using packet switching, key enabling technologies including modulation schemes, f......

Class Format: Online / Virtual Classroom

Introduction to Wideband CDMA Workshop

SOLUTT Corporation

This course provides an introduction to wideband CDMA systems. Wideband CDMA systems are used in a variety of 3G/4G cellular systems. A comprehensive understanding these systems will help the participant to work with, design and analyze a variety of cellular architectures. Topics ranging from 2G cellular standards overview, Wireless channel and propagation basics, multipath and mitigation techn......

Class Format: Online / Virtual Classroom

Mobile IP for CDMA2000 (Associate Degree)

Telecommunications Research Associates

This course defines Mobile IP and conceptually highlights resolving the IP mobility challenge by explaining how TIA and ETSI’s 3GPP2 (Third Generation Partnership Project 2 for CDMA2000®) has extended IETF’s Mobile IP solution for use in CDMA2000® cellular networks. Message flows are used to illustrate a mobile subscriber’s secure access to their home network, the Internet, a vis......

Class Format: Online / Virtual Classroom

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