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CGI Perl

e-Careers Limited

1. Getting Familiar with Forms Duration 4.0 Hour This course helps students learn about using forms and handling their output with CGI and Perl: Taking a Look at CGI, Perl and Writing Scripts, Creating Forms, Working with Forms Using Form Results 2. Building Programs Duration 4.0 Hour This course helps students learn about using CGI and Perl to write data between Web pages and databa......

Class Format: Online / Virtual Classroom

Perl / CGI


In this Perl training course, students will learn to use Perl to create dynamic database-driven websites. Class Goals •Understand how CGI applications work •Learn to use Perl’s module •Learn to create dynamic forms with Perl •Learn to use server-side includes •Learn to manage database data with Perl •Learn to maintain sessions and use cookies with Perl •Under web securit......

Class Format: Online / Virtual Classroom

HTML JavaScript CGI

Conestoga College Continuing Education

This course is designed to teach the essential elements of Web computer programming. After the study of the HTML language starting with the very basics of tags, elements and attributes, you will learn the programming concepts that are universal regardless of the implementation language. You learn the programming environments and program elements such as control structures, arrays, numbers, stri......

Class Format: Online / Virtual Classroom

Programming in PERL: Tk and CGI Extensions

King Training Resources

Major Topics•PERL/Tk ◦Overview of TCL/Tk ◦Purpose of the language ◦History of the development of TCL/Tk ◦Extensibility of TCL ◦The Tk Extension to TCL ◦Tk component widgets: buttons, labels, menus, frames ◦The pack function ◦Launching Tk Applications: Building the Tk extensions within Perl, writing and executing Tk-PERL scripts ◦Interfacing Tk Applications with PERL: Tk-extension widget......

Class Format: On-Site / In-House

Perl Programming and CGI Scripting

Hands On Technology Transfer, Inc.

This hands on Perl programming course provides a thorough introduction to the Perl programming language, teaching attendees how to develop and maintain portable scripts useful for system management, data manipulation, and Web CGI programming. Emphasis is placed on built-in subroutines that can be used to help conveniently build fast, portable and efficient scripts. Extensive hands on exercises ......

Class Format: On-Site / In-House

CGI Programming with PERL

Beacon Training Services

This course teaches the student to write applications, which interact with browsers and Web Application servers on the World Wide Web. The course begins with an introduction to the HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) and the Common Gateway Interface (CGI). The Perl is introduced with applications that process simple form-based Web pages. As the course continues, students are introduced to......

Class Format: On-Site / In-House

Advanced Perl with CGI and Web Applications

QA Ltd.

Perl is a free language, as the source code is available free and it can be used under the Artistic licence. It can be (and is) used on virtually any contemporary operating system. Perl is used for the purpose of web design, graphics design and interfacing with databases, however, it is in the CGI programming area that Perl has demonstrated how versatile a language it is. This course covers ......

Class Format: On-Site / In-House

CGI Using Perl


Fundamentals of CGI Programming Using Perl is a 12-hour course that teaches students how to use Common Gateway Interface (CGI) Perl programs and scripts on a Web server. Students will learn how to write print-to-screen scripts, customize Web page hit counters, create and use business forms that interact with text files, manipulate data in a database, work with a relational database via Open Dat......

Class Format: E-learning

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