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2017 Digital Electronics Courses

Digital Repair and Upgrade Technician (Certificate)

Sacramento, California, United States

American River College

This certificate combines basic electronics theory and application with computer repair and support skills. Topics including high-tech soldering along with component and system level electronics are focused on in the electrical area. Computer repair skills and support are covered in the computer area. Career Opportunities: This certificate prepares the student for a wide variety of jobs i......

Class Format: Public Course / Instructor-Led

Digital Electronics

Anaheim, California, United States

Southern California Institute of Technology

NDigital Electronics courses introduce students to logic gates and how digital circuitry design. Students work on projects where logic chips are used to build fully functioning digital circuits. Topics •AND, OR, NOR, NOT and other Logic Gates •Truth Tables & K-Map •Binary Number Systems ...

Class Format: Public Course / Instructor-Led

Digital Electronics

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States

Milwaukee School of Engineering

This course introduces students to applied digital logic, a key element of careers in engineering and engineering technology. This course explores the smart circuits found in watches, calculators, video games and computers. Students use industry-standard computer software in testing and analyzing digital circuitry. They design circuits to solve problems, export their designs to a printed circui......

Class Format: Public Course / Instructor-Led

Digital Electronics

Washington DC, District of Columbia, United States

Howard University

Covers bipolar and MOS field-effect transistor characterization, characteristics and applications of TTL integrated circuits, design of memories, digital processors, special computer architecture, interfaces and A/D and D/A converters. ...

Class Format: Public Course / Instructor-Led

Digital Electronics Circuit Design

Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States

Oklahoma State University - Tulsa

Theory of digital and electronics circuits. Digital logic families TTL, IIL, ECL, NMOS, CMOS, GaAs. Large signal models for transistors. Implementation at RAM and ROM. Circuit design for LSI and VLSI....

Class Format: Public Course / Instructor-Led


Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States

Oklahoma State University - Oklahoma City

A summarization of topics covered in the electronics curriculum including ADC, DAC, operational amplifiers, dynamic circuit analysis and physics. This course will include Laplace Transforms, transfer functions and DC motors used to form a closed loop system. PID control theories will be examined to show how an analog system can be controlled by a digital device such as a computer. Lab: ......

Class Format: Public Course / Instructor-Led

Digital and Computer Electronics

Ankeny, Boone, Carroll, Des Moines, Newton, Iowa, United States

Des Moines Area Community College

In the context of today’,s computer technology, this class studies digital electronic circuits concentrating on gates, counters, registers and memory. Also included is the study of data communications by bus structure, parallel and serial ports and microprocessors....

Class Format: Public Course / Instructor-Led

Digital Electronics

St. Paul, Minnesota, United States

Macalester College

A survey of fundamental ideas and methods used in the design and construction of digital electronic circuits such as computers. Emphasis will be on applying the theoretical aspects of digital design to the actual construction of circuits in the laboratory. Topics to be covered include basic circuit theory, transistor physics, logic families (TTL, CMOS), Boolean logic principles, combinatorial d......

Class Format: Public Course / Instructor-Led

Digital Electronics

Cleveland, Tennessee, United States

Cleveland State Community College

Fundamental characteristics and operation of digital logic including number systems and codes, logic gates, combinational logic, Boolean algebra, flipflops, monostable multi vibrators, logic families, IC specifications, simple interfacing, encoding, decoding, displays, troubleshooting and construction techniques. Two hours lecture and two hours lab per week...

Class Format: Public Course / Instructor-Led

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