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2017 Greek Courses
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Integrated Language Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

•Real-time audio and video allows students to clearly see, hear and communicate in real time with their instructors and fellow students, as though in a real classroom. Discussions, debates, lectures are all at your fingertips, either in group format or one-on-one. •Class archives enable students to review lessons in their entirety, including all voice, chat and written content. These are inval......

Class Format: Online / Virtual Classroom

Greek and Roman Mythology

University of Washington Online Learning

Principal myths found in classical Greek and Roman literature, and their influence on later literature, art and films. Influential theories about mythology and ancient literary sources. Students relate this study to mythic elements in the modern world, and their personal lives. ...

Class Format: Online / Virtual Classroom

Acting to the Gods Workshop (Certificate)

Hydrama Theatre and Arts Centre

Two week drama intensive for actors, theatre practitioners, teachers and students.the course offers a unique opportunity to train, rehearse and perform in a Greek amphitheatre, learn about the ritualistic origins of theatre in its birthplace, and attend a performance at the spectacular Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus. ...

Class Format: On-Site / In-House


Business Language Training Ltd.

The language we teach is descended from Ancient, or Classical, Greek ?it still uses the same 24 letters of the alphabet, but there have been considerable changes in the way the language is pronounced and in the grammar, syntax and, of course, vocabulary. Beginners will find that a good many Modern Greek words and roots are already familiar to them from our scientific and technical vocabulary. ......

Class Format: On-Site / In-House


Language Training Center - Indianapolis

To perform well in today’s competitive market, many professionals are finding it necessary to get foreign language training. Having a working knowledge of a foreign language can greatly increase your value in the workplace. With a strong emphasis on personal attention, our language training can give you the skills to speak, think, respond and negotiate in a foreign language. Our traine......

Class Format: On-Site / In-House


Language Trainers

Greek Classes with native Greek Tutors Greek is an amazingly historic language - not many modern languages can claim to have originated as far back as the 3rd century BC. Modern Greek is spoken by around 16 million people worldwide, primarily in Greece and Cyprus, and is in many ways a simplified form of Ancient Greek. Unsurprisingly for its age, Greek borrows vocabulary from several other la......

Class Format: On-Site / In-House

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