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Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Technology (Diploma) (Master Degree)

Dublin, Ireland

Trinity College Dublin

The Postgraduate Diploma course is presented in a distance learning form and extends over two years. Participants are expected to be in employment either in the pharmaceutical industry or with the pharmaceutical regulatory authority at the time of application and for the duration of the course. Course content is specified in Human and Veterinary Directives 2001/83/EC and 2001/82/EC. Participa......

Class Format: Public Course / Instructor-Led

Computer Aided Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering (CAE) (Master Degree)

Dublin, Ireland

Dublin City University

Computer-based tools are growing ever more complex. So much so, that a B.Eng. graduate is not equipped to deliver what today’s industry requires. The demand for faster results means that a graduate’s fundamental knowledge needs to be enhanced by a detailed knowledge of the available tools, their application, strengths and limitations. This programme introduces the use of such advanced......

Class Format: Public Course / Instructor-Led

Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering (Master Degree)

Dublin, Ireland

Dublin City University

In response to the pressing demands of industry, computer-aided engineering programmes have been run in the and elsewhere since 1985. Although some modules (or similar ones) on these programmes can be found in various postgraduate programmes at other Irish universities, none offers a complete programme like the M.Sc./Graduate Diploma in Computer-aided Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering. ......

Class Format: Public Course / Instructor-Led

Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering (Bachelor Degree) (Master Degree)

Dublin, Ireland

Dublin City University

Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering go hand in hand but each is quite distinct. Mechanical Engineering focuses on the design, manufacture and operation of products that have moving parts. Aircraft, automobiles, more fuel efficient systems and cheaper electricity all come to mind. Manufacturing Engineering meanwhile concentrates on converting materials from one form to another. It’s ab......

Class Format: Public Course / Instructor-Led

Lean Manufacturing Tools Workshop

Limerick, Ireland

SQT Training Ltd.

The concept of Lean Manufacturing was developed in the early 1990s from studies of the Toyota Production System. It focuses on eliminating waste in processes, waste being anything that impedes the flow of product as it is being transformed in the value chain. Lean Manufacturing, to coin a phrase means ‘getting product to where it is needed, when it is needed, in the quantity needed� Quality pr......

Class Format: Public Course / Instructor-Led

E-Manufacturing, MES and Supply Chain Management Workshop

Cork, Dublin, Ireland

IDC Technologies Ireland

In this workshop you will learn about the concepts and implementation of Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and Supply Chain Management Systems. The introduction of these technologies will streamline your manufacturing processes and optimise your entire manufacturing supply chain. Implementation of MES and Supply Chain Management Systems invariably result in dramatic cost reductions, on-t......

Class Format: Public Course / Instructor-Led

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt (Certificate) 2017NEW

JER Online

Advanced SPC Unit 1: Advanced Control Charting Lesson 1 - Setting Up Variable Control Charts Lesson 2 - Setting Up Attribute Control Charts Lesson 3 - More Patterns of Instability Lesson 4 - Setting Up Individuals & Moving Range Control Charts Lesson 5 - Special Control Charts & Applications Unit 2: Advanced Process Capability Lesson 1 - Conducting a Process Capability Study Lesson......

Class Format: Online / Virtual Classroom

Six Sigma Green Belt (Certificate) 2017NEW

JER Online

A process is a means of creating and delivering products and services needed by customers. According to Takashi Osada, Japanese author and quality pioneer, “if the process is right, the results will take care of themselves.�By Six Sigma standards, a “right process�is one that creates and delivers precisely what the customer needs. By this logic, no Six Sigma effort can start without having a ......

Class Format: Online / Virtual Classroom

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt (Certificate) 2017NEW

JER Online

Introduction to Lean Six Sigma Lesson 1 - What is Lean Six Sigma Lesson 2 - Improvement Methodologies Lesson 3 - Supporting Infrastructure Lesson 4 - Application of Lean Six Sigma Overview of Lean Lesson 1: Why Lean? Lesson 2: Eliminate Waste with Lean Lesson 3: Components of Lean Mistake Proofing Training Unit 1 - Mistake-Proofing Primer Lesson 1 - What is Mistake-Proof......

Class Format: Online / Virtual Classroom

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