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CAD / CAM Engineering Technology (Diploma)

Course Format: Classroom
School/Trainer: Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Prince Albert, Regina, Moose Jaw, Saskatoon, Canada

CAD/CAM Engineering Technology is a diploma program. It provides knowledge and skill development in applying computer and scientific principles related to solving engineering and manufacturing problems. You will develop an understanding of engineering design and learn how to provide technical assistance in managing CAD/CAM systems.

The Canadian Council of Technicians and Technologists&,#146, (CCTT) Canadian Technology Accreditation Board (CTAB) accredits the program at the Engineering Technologist level.

You will receive training in:

CAD/CAM related engineering disciplines
CAD/CAM hardware, software and computer networking
operating machine tools (including CNC equipment)
quality assurance
concurrent engineering
rapid prototyping

Career Opportunities

Graduates are prepared for employment in traditional and computer-aided engineering fields. They may find employment in manufacturing plants (in engineering design, drafting, production quality control and programming/operating numerical control machines), consulting engineering offices (in engineering design and draftin... [Read More]


Course Format: Classroom
School/Trainer: UW Professional & Continuing Education
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Bellevue, Seattle, United States

Further development of skills with techniques and strategies employed to engage digital manufacturing tools, participants will learn to use the tools to produce real physical examples of digitally-designed and manufactured component, by end of program, participants design a complex building component and manufacture the full-scale components using digitally-enabled tools.

Topics include:
Expansion of capabilities on the manufacturing and fabrication side of the CAD/CAM continuum.
Continued use of Rhinoceros digital models, use of UW CAD/CAM resources, including g-code generating programs such as Bob-CAD, Rhino/Cam and Mastercam, as well as CNC tools such as the large-format router, small milling machines, 3D printer and plasma cutter.
Participants learn how CAD/CAM technologies may be used to indirectly manufacture a variety of components.

Robotics & CAM

Course Format: Classroom
School/Trainer: College of the North Atlantic
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Bonavista, Carbonear, Clarenville, Gander, Labrador City, St. Anthony, St. Johns, Stephenville, Canada

This course introduces learners to robotics fundamentals, operations, programming, interfacing to other components and systems, and application of robotic technology to computer numerical control (CNC) and computer integrated manufacturing (CIM). Course activities will be concentrated on both pneumatic and electronic robots, CNC’s theory and machine tool control practice and the integrations of engineering manufacturing by using computers and micro-controllers.


Course Format: Classroom
School/Trainer: Johnson & Wales University Providence Campus
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Providence, United States

This course is a continuation of CAD1030, building on the general concepts of parametric modeling, applying the methodology of using parameters to create dynamic 3D models. The models are then transformed into manufacturing models using concepts of two- and-three-axis machine tool paths. Concepts of computer numerical control machine technology (CNC), rapid prototyping and simulation modeling software are used.


Course Format: Classroom
School/Trainer: SkillsTech Australia
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Brisbane, Australia

Add another dimension to your skills, complete this course in 3D CAM. The course will provide you with the skills required to operate a computer-based programming system and perform range of tasks.

You’ll learn how to create 3D solid and surface models, import models from other CAD programs, and create complex 3D tool paths using various machining options provided by the software. You’ll also learn about simulating or proving programs on screen, estimating machining times from program verification options, and making basic software modifications to assist programming operations.


Course Format: Classroom
School/Trainer: SkillsTech Australia
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Brisbane, Australia

Need to learn about 2D CAM? Let SkillsTech Australia provide you with the skills required to operate a computer-based programming system and perform a range of tasks. You’ll learn about starting up and shutting down CAM software on a PC, drawing component parts and related tool paths required for the machining of lathe and mill components, and utilising software options to machine components including drilling, boring, pocketing, facing and clean circle and other 2D machining approaches as available on software.

You’ll also learn about generating/post processing, CNC programs for lathe and mill components, identifying tooling requirements and selecting appropriate speeds and feeds, and making basic software modifications to assist programming operations.

CAD / CAM / CAE (Certificate)

Course Format: Online
School/Trainer: Yatna Engineering Solutions Pvt. Ltd
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): hyderabad, india

Online Techincal Courses for mechanical students such as Catia,UG, Solidworks, proe,autocad,sp3d.


Course Format: Classroom
School/Trainer: Western Michigan University
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Kalamazoo, United States

Principles of operation of numerically-controlled systems for manufacturing. Application of CAD/CAM systems and graphics N/C in programming.

Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM)

Course Format: Classroom
School/Trainer: Chemeketa Community College
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Salem, United States

The Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) option offers training in using computers as tools in engineering, drafting, machine tool control inspection (the CMM) and industrial mechanical design.

The first year of study emphasizes machining skills as they relate to Computer Numerical Control machining. Students completing the first year may find employment as entry-level machine tool operators and basic CAM machinists.

Second-year classes concentrate on integrating mechanical design and CAM programming. Students apply knowledge and skills to solve increasingly complex design and machining problems.

After successful completion, graduates may find employment in the fields of engineering technology and manufacturing operations. Graduates will use computers on the job for drafting, design and programming, and operating machine tools.

PLC SCADA CAD CAM CEA Workshop (Certificate) (Diploma) (Master Degree)

Course Format: Classroom
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Mehsana, India

UNIVERSAL TECHNOMATION,2nd floor,Vf house ,near ashray hotel,prashant cinema road,mehsana-2,Hello-+91 9228002223

SCADA supervisory control & data acquistion, PLC programmable logic controllers,ACDC servo drive with motors & switch drears,/MM human machine interface, Pael Designingwith Auto CAD 2D+3D, Industrial process instrumentation,Heavy electrical & switch gear accessories, NetworkingPLC/HMI/SCADA, DSC Overview, Live prject opportunit/work.

PLC SCADA CAD CAM CEA Workshop (Certificate) (Diploma) (Master Degree)

Course Format: Classroom
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): mehsana, India

SCADA supervisory control & data acquistion, PLC programmable logic controllers,ACDC servo drive with motors & switch drears,/MM human machine interface, Pael Designingwith Auto CAD 2D+3D, Industrial process instrumentation,Heavy electrical & switch gear accessories, NetworkingPLC/HMI/SCADA, DSC Overview, Live prject opportunit/work.

PCB CAM with CAM350

Course Format: Online
School/Trainer: CEDA
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Delhi, India

CAM350 is a multi-use tool for printed circuit board design and
fabrication. It can be used to verify CAM materials that have
been created by other PCB design tools such as PADS? Layout or Cadence. It can be used to prepare those same
materials for various processes such as step and repeat,
panelization or adjusting feature sizes to compensate for
fabrication variables. It can even be used to design a PCB
board from the ground up or reverse engineer a PCB design
from existing photo plots.
All PCB design tools have DRC (design rule check) utilities to
verify connectivity and spacing rules. But these utilities only
check the rules against the Design Database. CAM350 has the
ability to check the design database against the actual
materials that will be used to manufacture the PCB. This adds
an extra layer of protection from errors that can be introduced
either inadvertently by incorrect settings in the utility used to
generate the fabrication materials, or the potential inability of
the design software to detect certain errors.
Also explained are the output capabilities of CAM350 to create
check plots, Gerber and NC file... [Read More]

CNC CAM - Integrated Machining (Diploma)

Course Format: Classroom
School/Trainer: Cleveland Community College
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Charlotte, United States

The Computer-Integrated Machining curriculum prepares students with the analytical,
creative and innovative skills necessary to take a production idea from an initial concept
through design, development and production, resulting in a finished product.
Coursework may include manual machining, computer applications, engineering design,
computer-aided drafting (CAD), computer-aided machining (CAM), blueprint interpretation,
advanced computerized numeric control (CNC) equipment, basic and advanced
machining operations, precision measurement and high-speed multi-axis machining.
Graduates should qualify for employment as machining technicians in high-tech manufacturing,
rapid-prototyping and rapid-manufacturing industries, specialty machine shops,
fabrication industries, and high-tech or emerging industries such as aerospace, aviation,
medical, and renewable energy, and to sit for machining certification examinations.

Computer Assisted Manufacturing (CAM) (Certificate)

Course Format: Online
School/Trainer: University of Massachusetts Lowell
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Lowell, United States

The Certificate Program in Computer Assisted Manufacturing is designed for those who have basic drawing experience and who want to expand their knowledge in the latest industry-standard CAD software applications that are in use today. The courses in this certificate program may also be applied towards UMass Lowell’s Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology.

Note: Students who do not have drawing experience must take 23.101 Engineering Graphics (not currently offered online at UMass Lowell) or equivalent from an accredited institution of higher education.

CAD / CAM (Diploma)

Course Format: Classroom
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): RAJKOT, INDIA

Siemens PLM Certified Training Program to develop your proficiency in CAD/CAM
Engineering Drawing Reading Course,
Die-Design (Project Training)


Course Format: Classroom
School/Trainer: Wor-Wic Community College
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Salisbury, United States

Mastercam programming is used to produce machining instruction directly through Mastercam software or imported with a CAD (computer-aided drafting) file, such as Drawing Interchange Format (DXF), Initial Graphics Exchange Specification (IGES) and American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII) data point, for the toolpath instructions of shape and diameter to manufacturing parts on routers, milling machines, lathes, electro-discharge machines and computerized numerical control (CNC) machines. Coded data programming (i.e., Fanuc, G-code and digitized files) is used to provide instructions for CNC cutting tools, servo and spindle drive systems, and direct numerical control (DNC). Concepts include tool path generation, fixturing and dust collection, tool selection, lubrication and cooling techniques and tool changing systems. Geometric dimensioning and tolerancing, American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) standards, preventive maintenance and servicing of numerical control machine tools are integrated. Hours: 13 lecture and 39 laboratory.


Course Format: Classroom
School/Trainer: Western Nevada College
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Carson City, Douglas, Fallon, United States

After successful completion of this course the student will have an intermediate understanding of how to design with BOBCAD version 20. This course starts from basic level of understanding the measurements for design with this software. The student will then learn to post process their design to a useable CNC program that would be used in the manufacturing environment.

Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM)

Course Format: Classroom
School/Trainer: St. Philips College
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): San Antonio, United States

A study of Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) software which is used to develop applications for manufacturing. Emphasis on tool geometry, tool selection, and the tool library.

CAD CAM CAE CENTRE (Certificate)

Course Format: Classroom
School/Trainer: r_cad solutions
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Ahmadabad, India

R_CAD Solutions is an engineering innovative Design Firm which delivers Training and Services of industrial Design Software for CAD-CAM-CAE. R_CAD has been successfully conducting the training programs for the industry professionals and the engineering students.
We offer specialized training courses that focus on the use of the world’s leading 3D parametric, associative & feature based modeling software, in a project oriented environment with emphasis on the design philosophy used in creating Parts, Drawings, Assemblies, Manufacturing programs and Analysis.
R_CAD has leading expertise team of professional engineers having exposure from various types of Engineering industries, to provide sound knowledge for Product design, Tool Design, Automated Manufacturing Program, Reverse Engineering and Industrial Production.
With the efforts we try to build Design Engineers having complete Design knowledge so that they could be amongst us.
In the competitive and challenging Industrial environment, we deliver “Quality in Commitment? R_CAD Solutions has the unique appeal of offering CAD/CAM/CAE coaching along with a Mechanical Engineering project set up... [Read More]

master cam & programing Workshop (Certificate)

Course Format: Classroom
School/Trainer: father angeles
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): mumbai, india

master cam & programing

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