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Career Mapping & Job Attainment

Course Format: Online
School/Trainer: Loyalist College
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Belleville, Canada

In today&,#146,s competitive job market you want to ensure that your resume stands out from the competition. Find out how to apply with confidence for the job you want and have an interview that will wow them. Learn how to write both effective job application and thank-you letters. Develop your understanding of networking and prospecting. Create a resume that will capture your perspective employer&,#146,s attention and secure the interview that you would like. Find out how to interview like a pro. Get tips on how to dress and speak in an interview and discover other helpful interviewing tips that will help you get the job you want.

Planning for Retirement Workshop

Course Format: Classroom
School/Trainer: Centennial College School of Continuing Education
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Toronto, Canada

This workshop will help you discover what you need in order to truly enjoy a rich, satisfying retirement. You will be provided the opportunity to assess you values, personal strengths, concerns, interests, relationship preferences and philosophical view of retirement. As you develop an appreciation and understanding of your unique blend of character traits you will be best able to manage your retirement transition effectively and decide which type of volunteerism/mentoring, if any is right for you.

Career Planning

Course Format: Classroom
School/Trainer: South Seattle Community College
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Seattle, United States

Introduces a systematic approach to help the individual gain a better understanding of self relating to occupational interests and goals. Includes testing and discussions of values, interests and skills.

Managerial Economics

Course Format: Classroom
School/Trainer: Neeley School of Business at TCU
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Fort Worth, United States

Price and output determination in free markets is covered first. Then the relationship between the firm&,#146,s production function and its cost structure is described. Costs and industry market structure and its importance to pricing strategies are discussed in detail. Public policy, such as anti-trust legislation and government price supports that affect firm/industry behavior are covered throughout the course Actual business examples will be used to illustrate application of theory.

Career Management and Professional Development Workshop

Course Format: Classroom
School/Trainer: Neeley School of Business at TCU
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Fort Worth, United States

Assesses and develops skills in the following areas: career management, intercultural dynamics, leadership, professional communication, and team building. Students must complete various assessments and attend feedback sessions, and complete the START workshop. Students must also complete several career management requirements and submit a career development plan for approval. Students enroll in this course on a pass/no credit basis.

Career Planning Workshop

Course Format: Classroom
School/Trainer: Portland Community College Community Education
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Portland, United States

This series of four workshops is geared for those who are currently job hunting or just interested in finding out what is out there!

Who Do You Think You Are?Finding a Job in PortlandThrow Away Your ResumeOut Interview the Interviewer

Career Counseling and Life Planning

Course Format: Classroom
School/Trainer: The University of New Orleans
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): New Orleans, United States

The theory, nature, and principles of career development and counseling.

Career Planning

Course Format: Classroom
School/Trainer: WWP Training Ltd.
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Basingstoke, Birmingham, Ipswich, Leeds, London, Newcastle, Peterlee, Wellingborough, Windsor, United Kingdom

This programme is designed specifically to help people who have been in work for several years to maximise on their future prospects by building on the valuable experience they have gained for far. This may mean perhaps considering new work/life balance considerations.
This programme is for you if

you want to explore new career opportunities that are interesting, enjoyable, and progressive. Completion of some pre-course work will be required so that the duration of the programme can focus on developing a career strategy. Learning methods include discussion, individual and practical exercises, group activity and role-play (where appropriate). You will be encouraged to draw on your own experiences as well as those of the trainer. On completion, you will be given your own career development plan, and will have a better understanding of the process needed to take control of your career.
On completion of this course you will be able to:

Understand your strengths and weaknesses
Identify various career options
Better understand what choices to make and next steps to take

Talent Management and Career Development

Course Format: Online
School/Trainer: MindEdge, Inc.
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Waltham, United States

Drawing on material from Harvard Business School professor D. Quinn Mills&,#146, book, Principles of Human Resource Management, this course covers the challenges and issues that organizations face in developing and retaining their employees.

After completing this course, you should be able to:

Understand and effectively communicate the value of a career development program
Describe the five stages in the career life cycle (Beginning, Developing, Mid-Career, Mastery and Maintenance, Retirement), and the needs an employee has at each stage of the cycle
Explain why career management has become important to employers and employees
Outline the tools for career development (training, education, job rotation, transfers, overseas assignments, mentoring, networking, volunteer work, formal career planning)
Understand the issues HR departments face with career management

Career Development (Certificate)

Course Format: Classroom
School/Trainer: Learning Options
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Canberra, Australia

This qualification covers workers who provide a range of programs and services to individuals and groups of clients and employers to support them in planning their career and/or locating, securing and maintaining suitable employment
Qualification Requirements
Total number of units 16
13 core units as listed below
CHCCAR501B Conduct career guidance interview
CHCCDP401B Deliver service consistent with a career development framework
CHCCDP402B Assist clients to plan and access career pathways
CHCCDP403B Analyse and apply education and training information
CHCCOM403A Use targeted communication skills to build relationships
CHCCS400A Work within a relevant legal and ethical framework
CHCCS407B Operate referral procedures
CHCCS411A Work effectively in the community sector
CHCES411A Collect, analyse and apply labor market information
CHCNET404A Facilitate links with other services
CHCORG405C Maintain an effective work environment
HLTHIR403B Work effectively with culturally diverse clients and co-workers
HLTOHS300A Contribute to OHS processes

Career Planning

Course Format: Classroom
School/Trainer: Holmesglen
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Chadstone, Melbourne, Moorabbin, Waverley, Australia

Want to learn ways to effectively identify and develop career strategies? This course will help you formulate and write career action plans and discuss the importance of networking to market yourself clearly and confidently.

Students will: Assess career preferences and goals Plan career development strategies by setting development goals, objectives and writing career action plans Identify research services to help with identifying potential career interest areas Utilise networking skills to support personal strengths in relation to career development pathways Identify key skills and strengths through self assessment Develop strategies to assist you to make informed decisions about study and/or work opportunities Identify relevant career competencies and employability skills

Topics covered in course objectives: Review past and present career and life directions Assess career preferences and goals Appreciate what organisations look for in an employee Develop your career and identify the right one for you Identify positioning, networking and marketing techniques to achieve career goals Networking &, Self marketing Managing change and unexpected situations

Career Development as a Life Process

Course Format: Classroom
School/Trainer: Carroll Community College
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Westminster, United States

Career Development as a Life Process, is an introduction to the career development process concentrating on the personal factors involved in making a mature career decision. Students are presented with various ways to survey themselves and the world of work and are encouraged to narrow down the choice to one career field.

Retirement Readiness

Course Format: Online
School/Trainer: Life Strategies Ltd.
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Vancouver, Canada

Many workers wait, with anticipation, for the day they will retire. For many folks today, retirement is not viewed as an ending but rather as the beginning of a new life stage. However positive though, retirement is still a major transition. Career management professionals can help new retirees (and those planning ahead) to reevaluate priorities, set and achieve motivating goals, examine their financial options, plan and implement career/life changes and consider the possibility of incorporating paid work into their retirement “career
Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
�Discuss common retirement concerns
�Assess retirement readiness
�Address specific retirement-related challenges
�Assist clients to redefine their personal/professional identities
�Help clients to navigate the retirement transition process and maximize post-retirement satisfaction and success

Managing Your Career

Course Format: Online
School/Trainer: Skillsoft
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Nashua, United States

Getting and keeping your career on track takes careful planning. Those who wait for opportunities to come knocking may be left behind. Approaching your career proactively and being able to recognize opportunities to move ahead are key to smart career management. It starts with knowing yourself and what you want to do so that you can align your career moves with your goals. This course guides you through the process of taking stock of your present situation and determining the best way ahead. It starts with taking inventory of your values, interests, skills, and needs. Then based on these findings, you can determine your strengths. This course provides examples of roles in which you could use those strengths. It also provides tips on how to deal with any weaknesses that are holding you back. Materials designed to support blended learning activities aligned with this course are available from the Resources Page.

Target Audience
Employees at all levels who want to advance their career

Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Managing Your Career: Creating a Plan
identify the types of questions you should ask to evaluate your career... [Read More]

Career Decision Making

Course Format: Classroom
School/Trainer: Schoolcraft College
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Livonia, United States

Upon successful completion of the course, the student should be able to:
•Explain the components of career choice including career, personal and educational awareness.
•Identify personal and situational barriers that impact individual career decision-making.
•Compare personal interests, skills, values and personality with career options.
•Analyze the impact of job outlook on the career decision-making process.
•Explore resources and tools for effective career research.
•Utilize career information for refining career prospects.
•Apply decision-making strategies to set long and short-term goals.
•Integrate personal assessments and research-based data to generate career prospects.
•Relate career planning to a life-long process that involves continuous evaluation and prioritizing of values.

Business Career Planning

Course Format: Classroom
School/Trainer: North Carolina State University
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Raleigh, United States

Integration of work values, career interests, and skills and corporate environments and career fields related to business management. Development of proactive plans and skills to enhance marketability for placement into professional career paths inbusiness. Minimal fee assessed to cover cost of career tests administered during course.

Career Essentials

Course Format: Online
School/Trainer: Aries Technology, Inc.
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Tempe, United States

Career Essentialsâ„?prepares students with the necessary information they need to make the right choices in the emerging job market. Students will learn to master the interviewing process by creating effective resumes, identifying their key skills, and understanding proper etiquette.

This course covers:

Career Planning
Getting a Job
Working Life
Product Information:

One quarter (9-12 weeks)
Intended Audience �Grades 7-12+
Hosted in Aries Universal Learning
E-vironment with assessment bank, exercises, and quizzes
Also available in English-UK

Job Analysis - Purpose, Principles and Practice

Course Format: On-site
School/Trainer: Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): London, United Kingdom

Job Analysis will help you to develop your understanding of the principles and practice of job analysis and job design. You’ll explore the nature and purpose of job analysis, look at how a job contributes to the organisation’s objectives and strategy, and how to design jobs that are interesting and engaging.

Job Analysis can also be provided in-house. This is a cost-effective approach if you have a number of people who require training. You choose where and when you want our trainers to deliver. We can also tailor the Job Analysis content to suit your precise organisation needs.

Job Search

Course Format: Online
School/Trainer: Delaware State University Adult & Continuing Education
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Dover, United States

This course focuses on career planning, enhancing resume writing, and improving interviewing skills for those seeking employment.

Part One of the course, "Tailoring Resumes and Cover Letters for a Perfect Fit," will help learners craft a resume that is targeted, elegant, and effective. Part Two, "Interviewing Skills: Make the Right Impression," focuses on the preparation job candidates need in advance of an interview, and on the five stages of the interview process. Part Three, "Interviewing Skills: Ace Those Tough Questions," helps learners formulate winning answers to difficult interview questions before they walk into the interviewing room.

After completing this course, you’ll be able to:
•Recognize key career development questions to ask before beginning a job search
•Employ a written goal-setting process to establish career development and job search priorities
•Recognize the purpose of tailoring a resume and cover letter
•Develop a more effective resume
•Develop a more effective cover letter
•Identify the five stages of the interview process
•Conduct industry and company research efficientl... [Read More]

Career Planning and Development (Certificate) (Diploma) (Master Degree)

Course Format: On-site
School/Trainer: Wintrac Inc.
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Beaverton, United States

Today’s work environment has put a high priority on bright, talented, enthusiastic employees. However, these are the very employees who are frequently recruited away by headhunters and other organizations. So, how do you keep your best employees? By working with them to create a meaningful career development plan—and following through on it. Career planning and development is geared for supervisors and managers who seek to assist employees in their development. However, one of the best ways for supervisors to understand how the process works is to experience it for themselves. In this program you will do all the activities and assessments first-hand, giving you all the skills and tools to apply these to your employees after the program.

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