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Adobe Pagemaker
PageMaker 7.0
Adobe PageMaker 7
Advanced PageMaker
Desktop Publishing Using PageMaker (MAC/PC)

PageMaker 7.0: Level 3 (Windows) (Certificate) (Diploma)

Course Format: On-site
School/Trainer: Wintrac Inc.
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Beaverton, United States

Although PageMaker offers fine control over typography, page layout, colors, and printing, not all of its features are on the surface, so you may be missing out on the best ways to create professional-caliber publications. At its core, this course teaches you how to manage complicated layouts more efficiently. This includes learning more effective ways to work with graphics and type, as well as techniques to establish trapping in a document so colors print the way you want. In addition, you will learn techniques for working with long documents, such as linking documents together in a book and creating a table of contents and indexes. Lastly, you will learn to easily import and export HTML from PageMaker documents.

PageMaker 7.0

Course Format: On-site
School/Trainer: ATC Training Australasia
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Australia

Adobe/Macromedia Pagemaker is a registered trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated
Adobe PageMaker is a Desktop Publishing program. PageMaker allows the user to create any type of publication and at any size. Ranging from posters to business cards. PageMaker users can insert their own text or import a text file. Place the text into columns or have the text wrap around a picture. You can use the drawing tools to create business diagrams.

Upon successful completion of this course, attendees will be able to use PageMaker to create all types of promotional documents. Attendees will be able to design visually effective brochures, manuals, flyers, and other long documents. Attendees will learn how to insert text, pictures, logos and drawing shapes, use imported graphics and design with colour.
Who Benefits

This course will benefit anyone wishing to use Pagemaker for desk top publishing purposes. People who are required to produce brochures or any marketing material are likely to benefit most from this course.

Adobe PageMaker

Course Format: On-site
School/Trainer: Mouse Training
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): London, United Kingdom

PageMaker Basics
•Navigate the Screen
•Set Default Preferences
•Setup a New Document
•Use the Toolbox
•Work with Views
•Use Guides & Reset Zero Point

Working with Text
•Type Text
•Create & Manipulate Text Blocks
•Place (import) Text Files
•Link Text Blocks
•Create & Link Placeholders
•Cut, Copy & Paste

Typography Introduction
•Apply Typeface, Typestyle & Point Size
•Understand Baseline, Leading,
•Tracking & Kerning

Paragraph Formatting
•Change Alignment
•Apply Drop Caps
•Set Bulleted Paragraphs
•Use Indents & Tabs
•Insert & Control Paragraph Rules

File Formats
•Resize & Crop Images
•Use PageMaker’s Drawing Tools
•Group & Ungroup Elements
•Change Stacking Order of Elements
•Apply & Customise Text Wrap
•around Images

•Apply Colour to Frames &
•Drawing Objects
•Change Fill & Stroke Colours

Master Pages
•Work with Single & Double Sided
•Create & Apply Master Pages
•Modify & Reapply Master Pages
•Insert Automatic Page Numbering

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Course Format: Classroom
School/Trainer: R. K. Films & Media Academy
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): New Delhi, India

Creating a Newsletter, Using Text & Graphics, Formatting Using Advanced Typography, Applying Advanced Layout Techniques, Color Management and Printing Tabs and Indents, Creating Tables, Creating Acrobat PDF Documents, Trapping Concepts, Managing Long Documents, Importing and Exporting HTML Frames and Blocks..


Course Format: Classroom
School/Trainer: Joliet Junior College
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Joliet, United States

Course includes the basic concepts needed to understand how to create publications in PageMaker, including setting type specifications and alignment, using ruler guides, entering and editing text, using drawing tools; importing and resizing text and graphics files; moving and threading text blocks, using the constrained line tool, creating columns of differing widths, drag-placing text blocks, using story editor; tracking, kerning, leading; layering text on graphics, cropping, rotating text blocks; and creating styles and using Adobe’s table feature.

PageMaker 7.0

Course Format: Classroom
School/Trainer: Electus
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Adelaide, Australia

In this 2 day program, participants will gain the knowledge and skills to allow them to create publications such as newsletters, brochures and business forms using Adobe PageMaker.

You will learn to

Ø Open PageMaker publications, use Help and close the application

Ø Create and save a single-page publication that contains text

Ø Modify, resize and rearrange text blocks

Ø Change the default measurement system

Ø Create a multi-page publication

Ø Import text

Ø Create and modify frames

Ø Insert page numbers

Ø Create and enhance drawing objects, import graphics and arrange text around graphics

Ø Merge text and graphics in a data source with PageMaker

Ø Apply character formatting and adjust character spacing

Ø Format paragraphs, set indents and tabs

Ø Use styles and the library

Adobe PageMaker 7

Course Format: Classroom
School/Trainer: Computer Training Options Pty Ltd
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Gold Coast, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Australia

This course aims to increase your productivity by providing the skills and knowledge to use PageMaker 7 effectively.

Learning Outcomes:At the completion of this courseware participants will be able to:

Understand common design principles
Perform basic functions, such as opening and closing publications and accessing the help system
Create a simple publication
Work with the screen and page layout options such as guides and zooming in and out
Use the story editor and thread text blocks
Apply formatting to characters and paragraphs of text
Place and work with imported graphics
Fully utilise PageMaker’s basic drawing capabilities
Align, indent, tab, bullet and automatically number text
Use some of PageMaker’s timesaving features
Work with tables using Adobe Table
Work with layers in PageMaker
Create book lists, tables of contents, indexes and multi-publication automatic page numbering.

Adobe PageMaker (Certificate)

Course Format: Classroom
School/Trainer: Computer Training Classes - Los Angeles
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Los Angeles, United States

Adobe PageMaker classes in Los Angeles area in our computer training center. Adobe PageMaker is used to create advertisement, bruchures, newspaper, magazines and flyers.

In the Adobe PageMaker class students will learn to use the Tools, Create Graphics and Text, Making Changes to Graphics, Drawing Lines, Drawing Boxes, Changing Fonts, Moving Text and Graphics Around, Rotating Text,Drop Shadow, Master Pages, Page Numbering, Columns, Gradient Shading, Drop Caps, Insert Images, Create Brochures, Newsletters and much more. The PageMaker class is 100% hands-on with a very low student to teacher ratio. The students will receive a certificate at the end of the Adobe PageMaker training.


Course Format: Classroom
School/Trainer: Pulaski Technical College Business and Industry Center
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Little Rock, United States

Our computer labs feature Internet access, e-mail capability, easy to view LCD projection, and Gateway Pentium computers. All our computer classes are instructor led and all courses include a student workbook with instruction and practice exercises.

Adobe PageMaker

Course Format: On-site
School/Trainer: Acuity Training Limited
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Guildford, United Kingdom

Adobe PageMaker is a powerful page layout
application you can use to create professional
looking publications.
In this course, students will learn basic
techniques and skills that will give them a solid
understanding of the software, as they create a
four-page colour newsletter, a full-page colour
advertisement for publication in a magazine,
and a catalogue with tables, prepared for both
print output and as an Acrobat PDF file
designed for desktop printing or electronic
distribution via the Web.
A basic level of word processing skills is
strongly recommended.

Desktop Publishing Using PageMaker (MAC/PC)

Course Format: Classroom
School/Trainer: Berkeley City College
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Berkeley, United States

Introduction to the use of PageMaker layout software on the Macintosh and IBM PC: Basics of page layout, font selection, text and graphics placement, and printing on a laser printer are covered

PageMaker 7 Essentials & Beyond

Course Format: Classroom
School/Trainer: CLASS Training
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Albury, Melbourne, Wagga Wagga, Australia

PageMaker is an easy-to-use application for producing professional reports, brochures, flyers, books and other graphic-intensive documents.

This course will show you how to set up your document, add and manipulate text and graphics. The course also shows you how to use and manage colour, and help you to get the best layout for your artwork.

You will learn how to use PageMaker’s imposition techniques to produce saddle-stitched and perfect-bound books and other longer documents. You will create an example of a typical newsletter that incorporates design elements found in most publications.

Detailed Outcomes:
By the end of your learning, you will be able to:

Describe the layout of the PageMaker screen.
Set up the page and plan your document.
Place, manipulate and format text files and graphics.
Apply different page layouts.
Work with text wraps around graphics.
Work with and format ’master pages’ and templates.
Apply colour to documents.
Create different types of documents (flyers, books, etc).
Add headers and footers.
Prepare pages for film output and commercial printing.
Back up PageMaker files.


Course Format: On-site
School/Trainer: ctc TrainCanada
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax, Mississauga, Ottawa, Saskatoon, Toronto, Vancouver, Victoria, Winnipeg, Canada

Want to learn Pagemaker? ctc TrainCanada has such training program available, or provided Pagemaker training courses in the past. It may also provide you a customized or flexible training solution according to your specific requirement. Please click on the training course title to find the contact information and discuss your study plan with ctc TrainCanada's representative directly.

Adobe Pagemaker

Course Format: On-site
School/Trainer: Alliance Micro Solutions
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Irvine, United States

Put your mind at ease, each time you contact and hire an AMS computer trainer to teach for your organization you will receive the highest quality computer product training delivered by Industry and Product Experts. Our trainers are industry and product experts that have mastered the use of each product in the field and enjoy teaching others how extract the maximum benefit from OEM product use at each students organization, big or small. Students learn from Industry experts with hands on product experience in multiple hardware and software environments and will benefit in the following ways.

Benefits of AMS Trainers
•The industries highest quality Computer Product Trainers for more than 4,000+ product titles
•AMS Trainers maintain OEM Certifications to ensure Manufacturer Competency
•AMS Trainers maintain product certifications to ensure mastery of each manufacturer product
•AMS Trainers maintain advanced degrees to ensure competency with all student audiences
•AMS Trainers are recognized industry authors and consultants that incorporate into their practice time to teach because they love to help others
•AMS Trainers are committed to the highest st... [Read More]


Course Format: E-learning
School/Trainer: ComputerPREP
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Tempe, United States

ComputerPREP offers Adobe FrameMaker, Adobe PageMaker and Adobe Acrobat training materials in an instructor-friendly format, with comprehensive interactive exercises, and a wide breadth of subject matter coverage.

PageMaker® teaches all facets of publication creation and manipulation for large and small businesses, schools and home-based offices. Curriculum covers typography basics, drawing objects, frames, color application, PDF creation, HTML conversion and more.


Course Format: Classroom
School/Trainer: CBIT Canadian Beaver Training Ottawa
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Ottawa, Canada

Module 0: Creating a Newsletter
| The Pagemaker Environment
Document Setup
Typing Text and Manipulating Text Blocks
Basic Text Formatting
Importing and Manipulating Graphics
Using Master Pages

| Module 1: Using Text
| Importing Text
Spacing Text
Indenting Text
Using Tabs
Using Styles
Using the Story Editor

| Module 2: Using Graphics
| Drawing Shapes
Applying Colors
Text Wrapping
Manipulating Graphics
Cropping Graphics
Inline Graphics

| Module 3: Printing with Pagemaker
| Creating and Applying Spot Colors
Updating Links
Creating a Booklet
Printing a Proof
Collecting Files for Output

| Module 4: Creating An Identity System
| Creating Templates
Using Templates
Drag and Drop Between Documents
Using a Library


Course Format: Classroom
School/Trainer: Silicon Beach Training Ltd.
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Brighton, United Kingdom

Adobe PageMaker is the ideal page layout program for business, education, and small- and home-office professionals who want to create high-quality publications such as brochures and newsletters.

Adobe PageMaker Training Course Objectives
This Adobe PageMaker training course will allow you to get started quickly with templates, graphics, and intuitive design tools; work productively across Adobe applications; and easily leverage existing content to create customized communications.

PageMaker Training Course Content
Document Creation:
Creating a new publication.
Changing the view of a publication
Setting up horizontal and vertical rulers
Working with guides
Specifying columns
Importing, formatting and positioning text and graphic elements
Working with colour and colour tints
Using the drawing tools
Printing as a PDF
Working with type:
Paragraph specifications
Column breaks
Attaching rules to text
Using the control palette
Using Tracking and Kerning
Creating and importing style sheets
Resizing, reflecting and rotating a text block
Types of Images
Positioning Images in Publications
Cro... [Read More]

PageMaker 7

Course Format: Classroom
School/Trainer: Oak Tree Management & Training Ltd.
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): Birmingham, Bristol, Cambridge, Edinburgh, London, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham, United Kingdom

Adobe PageMaker is a powerful page layout application that you can use to create professional looking publications by offering a high degree of control over many aspects of page design.

The course covers the basic techniques and skills that will give you a solid understanding of the software as you create documents such as colour newsletters, flyers or booklets. To learn how to use it to its fullest capabilities, you need to understand basic principles and techniques. As you progress through this course, you’ll learn these techniques and use them to work with PageMaker efficiently and produce great looking documents.

Course Objectives
By the end of the course the delegate will be able to:

Create a single-page document containing text and graphics.
Create the structure for a multiple-page layout to prepare it for adding content.
Import text and graphics.
Format text using fonts, sizes, type styles, indents, alignment, and tabs.
Use styles to format text.
Use master pages and guides to design a document’s layout.
Add page numbers to a document.
Wrap text around a graphic.
Create a booklet
Creat... [Read More]

Advanced PageMaker

Course Format: Classroom
School/Trainer: Macresource Computer Training
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): London, United Kingdom

Our Advanced PageMaker course concentrates on some of the more powerful tools PageMaker has to offer for the manipulation of longer and more complex publications.


Course Format: Classroom
School/Trainer: Macresource Computer Training
Training Center(s)/Venue(s): London, United Kingdom

To anyone still using PageMaker, Macresource Computer Training offer a two day introduction and a one day advanced course on PageMaker. Our Introduction to PageMaker shows users the fundamentals of PageMaker page layout and the manipulation of text and graphics within basic publications.

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